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ASCP COVID-19 Statement

Issuing time:2021-01-23 10:38

ASCP always cherish the health, safety and happiness of our people and providing outstanding service levels to our highly-valued customers.

We are announcing our Covid19 Health&Safety policy which will help us to maximise our support for our clients while ensuring high standards of safety, health and happiness for both their and our people.

We implemented a specific Covid19 Health&Safety policy at the outset of the virus and will update the policy regularly as the situation has developed, ensuring that the protections we have in place for all our people and our clients remain current and appropriate.

Right now, we realized that this epidemic could not disappear in a short time. And the existing of this virus will be normality. Therefor, we will keep the precaution measure tightly.

Our commitments main purpose is to put in place the right protections for our people and our clients at the right time. We will continuously monitoring developments both in the Covid-19 situation and in scientific understanding of this virus.

Keys in our policy include:

ü Requiring sites to increase natural ventilation by opening doors and windows where possible;

ü Recommending limiting internal and external physical meetings to 30 minutes;

ü Cancel any dispensation to travel internationally or to high risk areas at home;

ü Requiring any person who is given dispensation to travel to/back from newly outbreak area to take a Covid-19 test within 48 hours of departure/ arriving.

The very extensive control, hygiene and prevention measures in our policy – including virus-related sanitisation of our facilities – will continue until a official call-off from government. These include the following:

ü All employees are required to wear face masks, including when commuting on public transport and travelling for work – and we have secured supplies of these for all our people;

ü We will maintain a minimum social distancing of at least 1m (or greater, if required by local law) between people in our facilities;

ü We will continue to ask visitors to our facilities to comply with certain health and safety requirements;

ü Dispensation of international/ domestic travel is following state official advice and in line with our policy – including additional PPE measures.

ü All employees who visit client or field locations are required to wear a face mask and comply with our own control, hygiene and prevention measures at a minimum.

In additional, we have issued extensive communications to all our people in line with World Health Organisation guidance on how to minimise the risk of viral infection to them and others by taking effective hygiene measures and avoiding situations where the risk of infection could be heightened.

The actions we have taken globally include:

ü Issuing face masks to all employees;

ü Multiple media channels, providing guidance to employees and visitors to ASCP Services facilities;

ü Health alerts and guidance to our colleagues;.

ü In accordance with guidance, we have hygiene and other protection measures in the workplace, at home and at customer locations for field-based colleagues;

ü When conducting field-based Health assessments for factories, vendors or customer sites, we will be asking our partners to first confirm they have no suspected cases of coronavirus and have taken their own precautionary measures before we deploy our people, excluding where we conduct unannounced management system audits.

Our Commitment to our Customers

At ASCP Services, our commitment to health, safety and happiness is a foundation which we affirm to all our internal and external stakeholders.

ASCP Services provides mission-critical quality assurance solutions to its clients to ensure that they can operate with well-functioning supply chains in each of their operations.

Whether at work, shopping, eating out or using public transport, employees and consumers are looking to brands for trust, assurance and peace of mind. ASCP Services will   take effort to provide the finest health, safety and happiness assurance programme for people, workplaces and public spaces, offering audits, training, inspection, verification and certification solutions.

Customers can read more about our latest solutions and contact us for immediate assistance here:

Covid-19 remains a developing situation. We believe that YOU and ASCP Services can be rock-solid together with join hands and get through this special time.

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