About ASI
The Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI) is a global non-profit standard setting and certification organization that brings together producers, users, and stakeholders in the aluminum value chain to maximize the contribution of aluminum to sustainable society. Work together to promote responsible aluminum production, procurement, and management. The goal of ASI is to: -Develop globally applicable aluminum value chain sustainable development performance and material regulatory chain standards. -The key impacts of promoting aluminum production, use, and recycling on the environment, society, and governance can be measured and continuously improved. -Developing a reliable assurance and certification system can reduce the risk of non-compliance with ASI standards while minimizing obstacles to large-scale implementation. -Become and continue to be an organization with global value, promoting sustainable development plans for the aluminum value chain, which is financially self-sustaining and inclusive of the interests of stakeholders.

Industry Background
Aluminum has special chemical and physical properties, which are not only lightweight and tough in texture, but also have good ductility, and are widely used in the fields of construction and transportation. At the same time, aluminum is often seen in our daily products (deodorants, makeup creams, etc.) and numerous packaging (canned goods, yogurt caps, etc.). It is an important basic raw material for the development of the national economy. However, the significant increase in demand for aluminum in recent years has also caused irreversible consequences to the environment, such as alkaline sludge generated during bauxite mining, greenhouse gas emissions or water consumption during processing and manufacturing.
ASI Performance Standard
ASI performance standard define environmental, social, and governance principles and standards aimed at addressing sustainability issues in the aluminum value chain. The standard includes the following content: Governance: corporate integrity, policies and management, transparency, and material management. Environment: greenhouse gas emissions, atmospheric pollutants, water pollutants and solid waste, water resource management, biodiversity. Society: Human rights, labor rights, occupational health and safety. ASI Members in 'Production and Transformation' and 'Industrial Users' membership classes are required to have some part of their business certified against the ASI Performance Standard within two years of joining ASI. ASI's standards apply globally and cover all stages of the aluminum value chain: raw aluminum production (including bauxite mining, alumina refining, and aluminum smelting), semi-finished and material conversion processes, recycling, and the use of final products.

ASI Certification
ASCP is an independent third-party organization that has been dedicated to environmental audits, social responsibility audits, and has knowledge in the aluminum processing and manufacturing fields for many years. With their experience and recognition from ASI, we will provide you with qualified auditors to conduct your certification audit in accordance with ASI standards. ASI certification can enable businesses to address environmental challenges, demonstrate responsible aluminum procurement practices, improve sustainable development performance, and enhance consumer and stakeholder confidence. This is a necessary qualification for establishing supply chain cooperation with customers, as well as an important condition for developing high-quality users, increasing product premiums, and expanding high-end markets. By implementing good aluminum management practices to enhance the reputation of the enterprise, establish responsible aluminum supply, respect human rights and the environment.
Self assessment
Preparation phase for the certification audit, in accordance with its defined scope of certification.
Certification audit
Risk-based conformity assessment carried out by us as an ASI accredited auditor. During the certification audit we verify the Entity has systems in place that conform to the ASI Performance Standard.
Our experts prepare the report for ASI and the member, including appropriate corrective action plans if needed.
Audit report
Surveillance Audit within 12-18 months and re-certification audit to verify further compliance and assess other identified risks after the 3-year certification period.
Periodic reviews
ASI Certification process
Certification issued
If we submit the report and recommend certification, ASI checks the audit report for clarity and completeness. ASI then issues Certification for up to three years and updates the ASI website.
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