Higg Index verifies the difference between FEM, FSLM and SLCP

Issuing time:2022-11-15 14:19

1. First of all, SLCP/FSLM and FEM are just industry standards The measurement tool is not a traditional audit, and the verification results are not reflected based on "passing" or "not passing". It is recommended that the factory first meet the level 1 (level 1) requirements, that is, understand that HiggIndex meets the requirements and requirements of laws and regulations; Level 2&3 (levels 2 and 3) focuses on improving the leadership of projects and factories. Through it, retailers and manufacturers can understand the situation of enterprises and factories, so as to improve and reduce the negative impact.

2.Higglndex. The checklist for SLCP and other two items does not have any tendency, nor does it have any tendency to PASS/FAIL. The severity of serious, important, secondary and other issues is divided, but only focuses on the collection of information.

3. FEM/FSLM This process is usually conducted by the supplier, and then the customer himself or an approved third-party verification agency verifies the accuracy of the factory self-evaluation form data on site. As for whether the factory meets the customer's requirements, the customer will rate it according to the verification report. Therefore, the verifier may tell the factory that your self-assessment data is not accurate, but will not tell the factory that one of your points does not meet the requirements of laws or customers.

Many brands and retailers need HiggFEM verification, such as Walmart, Target, Ascena, C&A, H&M, PVH, PUMA, VF, Khol's, Celio, etc.

The ultimate goal of HiggIndex is to let institutions understand their advantages and disadvantages, promote the business value of the whole value chain through cost saving and innovation opportunities, and promote the sustainable development of education and cooperation.


Higg evaluation and verification: functional mechanism

The factory shall conduct HiggIndex evaluation at least once a year. It will take about 3-6 weeks to complete the assessment and ask the factory to answer questions and provide proof data of operation sustainability.

After the evaluation is completed, it can be verified by SAC approved on-site evaluation personnel (i.e. verification agency). Factory validation HiggIndexFEM or FSLM improves the reliability and comparability of scores. The validation process includes answering self-assessment questions and determining their accuracy through on-site assessments.

SLCP is another organization independent of SAC, but SLCP and SAC also have close cooperation. SLCP itself is just an industry standard, but SLCP does not have a self-development IT platform and its own recognition/credit team to verify institutions, so they seek to cooperate with other institutions, including FFC/SEDEX/SACHigg. On the Higg platform, SAC converts the project name to FSLM (FacilitySocial&LaborModule) and factory labor module.

SAC (Sustainable Garment Alliance) is a leading brand, retailer and supplier of more than 200 pieces of clothing, shoes and textiles Service providers and trade associations, industry wide organizations composed of non-governmental organizations and academic institutions (such as Adidas. Gap. H&M. Marks&Spencer and Wal Mart), are committed to reducing the adverse impact of global clothing and textile manufacturing and sales on the ecological environment and society.

HiggIndex standard is formulated by SAC based on the current industry environmental protection evaluation standard after discussion and research. SAC expects that this standard will better assess the social and environmental impacts of garment production andmarketing.

The content of Higg assessment is similar to the previous social responsibility assessment, but the assessment of environment and chemicals is more complex and detailed. Higg, the factory should first conduct a very long self-assessment (FEM). The integrity of such self-assessment data must reach more than 95% before it can be submitted to the verification agency for appointment of verification actions, and then verification actions (SLCP). In addition, what we call factory review actions is that the verifier runs to the factory to verify whether the data provided by the factory is true and valid.

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