Concept analysis and certification of Global Recycled Standard (GRS certification)

Issuing time:2022-11-21 14:37

In response to the strong demand of brands and retailers for environment-friendly textiles, and to accelerate the sustainable development of the textile industry, the Management Alliance launched the first global recycling standard certification (GRS certification).

Global Recycling Standards Certification (GRS Certification) is an international, voluntary and comprehensive product standard, which specifies the third-party certification requirements for recycling content, production and marketing chain of custody, social and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions. The goal of GRS certification is to increase the use of recycled materials in products and reduce or eliminate the hazards caused by their production.


GRS Certification Ownership: Textile Exchange

Access conditions for GRS certification: proportion of regenerated ingredients ≥ 20%

The hanging conditions of GRS certification logo: the proportion of recycled ingredients ≥ 50% (the certification authority or the final buyer plans to hang the logo of GRS certification on the product, which requires special attention)

GRS traceability principle: If Company A wants to apply for GRS certification, its upstream suppliers should also have GRS certification certificates. When conducting GRS certification, its suppliers should provide GRS certificates and TC (except for the factories at the source of the industrial chain, such as the factories whose raw materials are bottles)

Post consumer recycled materials: materials produced by households or commercial, industrial and institutional facilities as end product users that can no longer be used for their intended purposes. Includes materials recovered from the distribution chain. It refers to the materials recycled after consumption by consumers.

Pre consumer recycled materials: materials transferred from the waste stream during the manufacturing process. The reuse of some materials, such as rework, regrinding or residual materials generated in processing and reused in the same processing process, shall be excluded. That is, materials that are not recycled for consumption by consumers.

Regeneration ratio: the proportion of recycled materials in the product or package by mass. Only pre - and post consumer materials are considered recycled.


Let's talk about the four parts of GRS certification:

1、 Regenerative components:

1. Products with a recovery content of 20% or more.

2. Declared recycled materials should follow a complete and verified chain of custody from input to final product.

2、 Social requirements:

1. Workers employed by enterprises involved in the production of GRS products are protected by a strong social responsibility policy.

2. GRS social requirements are based on the principles of the Global Social Responsibility Compliance Program. In all cases, international labour standards, national and/or local legislation or the most stringent GRS requirements shall be applied to the extent that they do not contravene applicable law.

3、 Environment:

1. Enterprises involved in GRS product production should have a high awareness of environmental protection.

2. GRS environmental requirements apply to all businesses within the certification organization. In all cases, the most stringent national and/or local regulations or GRS requirements apply.

3. The wastewater generated by the factory must be monitored/tested regularly.

4、 Chemical requirements:

1. The chemicals used to produce GRS products will not cause unnecessary harm to the environment or workers.

2. GRS is only applicable to the use and management of chemicals in the manufacturing process of GRS products. This standard does not apply to the entire facility, but only to the production of GRS products. GRS does not involve chemicals in the final product, because it cannot control any chemicals that may exist in the recycled products used as water inputs in the GRS production chain.

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