What are the requirements for GRS certification social responsibility audit? What are the precaution

Issuing time:2022-11-22 10:51

Social responsibility requirements are also the most important requirements in the GRS global recycled standard. Like ordinary social responsibilities, factories are required to prohibit the use of prison labor, child labor, forced labor, etc.


All work shall be carried out voluntarily and shall not be threatened by any punishment or sanction.

All forms of forced or compulsory labour are prohibited, including prison labourers who are not in conformity with ILO Convention No. 29. The certification organization shall not require workers to provide deposit/financial guarantee, shall not detain identity documents (such as passports, identity cards, etc.), and shall not deduct wages outside the statutory contract agreement.

Bonded goods are prohibited. The certification organization shall not use any form of bonded labor, nor allow or encourage workers to bear debts through recruitment fees, fines or other means.

It is prohibited to bind labor by contract. The certification organization shall respect the right of workers to terminate employment after receiving reasonable notice. Certification organizations should respect the rights of staff members after their separation from service.

Child labour

1. The certification organization shall comply with:

(1) National minimum employment age;

(2) Or the age at which compulsory education has been completed;

(3) Or any other specified exception;

(4) No person under the age of 15 shall be employed, whichever is the lowest. However, ILO No. 138

With the exception of developing countries stipulated in the Convention, the local minimum age is 14 years old, so this lower age may apply.

2. Certification organizations shall not recruit child workers or exploit children in any way. If children are found to work directly or indirectly for certification organizations, the latter should seek a sensitive and satisfactory solution to make children the most beneficial.

3. The certification organization shall not employ young workers under the age of 18 at night or at the expense of their health, safety or moral integrity and/or at the expense of their physical, mental, spiritual, moral or social development.


GRS Certification Considerations:

In the diagnosis factory, it is mainly divided into file diagnosis and on-site diagnosis. Be careful and patient in this diagnosis, remember to find out all the problems, and avoid the habit of gradually finding problems in the future.

(1) File diagnosis:

1) According to the list of documents, check whether the factory's documents are missing and whether the existing documents are correct one by one. In particular, the factory's existing documents must be carefully checked to see whether they meet the requirements of the project and whether there are any nonconformities. For some government documents, inspection reports, etc., check their authenticity to prevent problems from being found until the audit.

2) When viewing the documents, we should understand the real situation of the factory. When we can make the documents close to the real situation of the factory, we should try our best to improve the documents according to the real situation, so as to facilitate the staff training in the future.

(2) On site diagnosis:

1) During on-site diagnosis, visit any place within the plant area. A detailed record shall be kept for each problem point found during viewing.

2) When checking the site, ask the accompanying person whether there are special equipment and dangerous chemicals.

3) When writing the diagnosis rectification report, the document and on-site diagnosis rectification report shall be written separately. The results of the first stage work should be as follows: diagnosis and rectification plan, hardware procurement list, work plan and time schedule,

4) The diagnosis on the first day cannot be officially reported without sufficient verification

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