What is the GRS certification TC? How to apply for GRS certification extension?

Issuing time:2023-02-01 16:28

In the era of the rapid development of the global economy, the contradiction between the great abundance of various material products and the extremely low average per capita value of the earth's resources is increasingly prominent. The primary resources are increasingly reduced, and even some resources are on the verge of exhaustion and non-renewable. Actively participate in GRS certification, obtain the "golden key" of recycled textiles and clothing to the international market, and take the lead in the international market.


What is the GRS certification TC?

TC (Transaction Certificate) is an important document in the traceability process, which is also an important way for the certification authority to supervise the whole supply chain to comply with GRS standards.

So what is TC? How to get it? Generally speaking, the GRS certificate is a manifestation of the factory's qualification, which means that the factory is qualified to produce GRS products, but it can also produce ordinary products.

So which products are common and which are recyclable GRS? The one with TC certificate is GRS! That is to say, the GRS certificate is the qualification certificate, and the relative TC certificate is the GRS certificate of a certain batch of goods. So the TC certificate will also contain specific information such as product, content and weight.

Which enterprises can apply/need to apply for GRS certification TC transaction certificate?

1) The supply chain can apply for TC transaction certificate from raw material factory, layer by layer, through the downstream supply chain, to the final brand

2) To apply for a TC transaction certificate, any level of supply chain must obtain its TC transaction certificate from the upstream supplier (except the most upstream supply chain because it has no upstream supply chain), and the supply chain must pass GRS or RCS certification and obtain the SC (Scope Certificate) scope certificate before it can applyfor the TC transaction certificate of the supply chain.

3) GRS compliance certificate (SC certificate) and GRS certification TC transaction certificate: The manufacturer/trader applies for the GRS compliance certificate (SC certificate) before the transaction, and after obtaining the GRS compliance certificate (SC certificate), the certified products can be formally mass produced/shipped. After the transaction,apply for GRS certification TC transaction certificate and provide it to downstream customers to assist them in the next authentication or other purposes.


What are the extensions of GRS certification?

How many people know about the extension of GRS certification? Many factories received an order after completing the GRS certification, but they found that the requirements of the order were different from the scope of their GRS certification. In this case, the project should be expanded immediately. Don't wait until you drive the TC. It will be too late then.

How to apply for GRS certification extension?

Contact the issuing authority to request the extension application form.

Get the application form and fill it out completely and submit it to the third party.

The supplier information of new materials should also be sent to a third party.

Prepare documents for review.

A new certificate will be issued after the document is approved.

Note that the validity period of the new certificate after the extension is the same as theoriginal one.

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