Adidas Environmental Project Verifies IEEM, Unlocking Sports Can Cycle the Future

Issuing time:2023-08-02 08:49

In 1949, Adidas was established in Germany. Every young person who loves sports and pursues fashion once wanted to have Adidas equipment. As a leading global sports brand, Adidas' logo has long been deeply ingrained in people's hearts. To become a supplier of Adidas, one must first pass their validation.



Environmental Project Verification (IEEM) is one of Adidas' verifications, also known as Independent External Environmental Monitor. It is a major environmental requirement introduced by Adidas for its supply chain, and only suppliers who pass the verification can cooperate with Adidas.

This project includes Environmental Assessment Tool, Data validation (EMeRet), and Submetering. Among them, the Environmental Assessment Tool is the main part, which includes five modules.


Verification process

The validation process of IEEM for environmental project validation mainly includes completing self-assessment, on-site validation, and post validation. The detailed process is as follows.

01. Pre Qualification

Engage with IEEMs

☆ Complete and send self-assessment and supporting/evidence docs to IEEMs

☆ Complete all EMeReT inputs

☆ Download annual data from EMeReT and send to IEEM

☆ Create Audit Scope in FFC (select "Environmental Assessment new")

☆ Review all supporting docs

☆ Request annual EMeReT data from Facility

☆ 'Associates' IEEM to facility in FFC

02. Onsite Verification

☆ Opening Meeting

☆ Visit all EWW related utility areas+some representable production areas

☆ Check and ensure all EWW sources are identified/tracked/recorded by facility

☆ Complete

Submetering checklist

Data Validation Scorecard

Environmental Assessment

☆ Closing Meeting (ensure the final docs are signed by supplier)

03. Post Verification

☆ Complete EMeReT Corrections

☆ Finalize all reports

☆ Conduct wrap up meeting with Facility+SEA

☆ Fine tune all reports after wrap up meeting if needed

☆ Upload all reports to FFC

☆ Download results from FFC

☆ Compile and calculate scores

☆ Upload scores to EMeReT

After uploading to the FFC hosting platform, if any data and information updates are found, IEEMs will confirm with Adidas and the factory the revised data and files, and execute the FFC upload program again.

1. Excel (Offline) - Self Assessment

2. Excel (Offline) - IEEM verification

3. FFC

4. EMeReT

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