ISO certification brings competitive advantages to quality, environmental, and safety management

Issuing time:2023-09-15 08:49

ISO certification is a universal standard system that not only represents the management level of enterprises, but also reflects the quality of products or services. With the acceleration of globalization, competition among enterprises is no longer a simple price war, but involves multi-dimensional competition such as brand, quality, and service. In this context, the importance of ISO certification is increasingly prominent.


Purpose of ISO three system certification

1. Implementing ISO standards in enterprises can achieve energy conservation, cost optimization, and improve corporate image.

2. Strengthen quality management and improve enterprise efficiency; Enhance customer confidence and expand market share.

3. Obtaining ISO certification has become one of the necessary conditions for breaking international green barriers, entering European and American markets, and gradually becoming an organization for production, business activities, and trade exchanges.

4. Optimize the internal quality architecture management of the enterprise, save energy and costs for production service management audits in various processes.

ISO three system certification is not just a piece of paper, let alone a form. It is a key that can open up unlimited possibilities for your enterprise. It can help your company improve efficiency, enhance competitiveness, improve image, and ensure safety, allowing your company to stand out in the fierce market.

Necessary conditions for applying for ISO system certification

1. Organizations with independent legal personality or authorized by independent legal persons;

2. Establish a documented management system in accordance with the requirements of the applied system standards;

3. We have been operating under a documented system for more than three months and have conducted at least one management review and internal quality system audit in accordance with the requirements of the document before conducting certification audits.

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