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The InCheck solution consists of two parts: Performance InCheck report and Verified InCheck report. The Verified InCheck report aims to conduct on-site verification of the Performance InCheck report based on ZDHC's "trust but verify" principle. Therefore, before this, the supplier needs to prepare a Performance InCheck report. Today, the editor will take you to learn about the relevant knowledge of Performance InCheck reports.

Performance InCheck report

The Performance InCheck report is a tool used by suppliers to internally monitor the ZDHC MRSL compliance level of chemicals in their inventory and motivate suppliers to make improvements. Its content includes:

1. The monthly chemical inventory quantity uploaded by the supplier.

2. The quantity and percentage of chemicals listed in the inventory on the ZDHC Gateway.

3. The ZDHC MRSL compliance level of the products listed on the ZDHC Gateway.

In short, the Performance InCheck report is based on the chemical inventory data recorded in the supplier's chemical inventory. Please note that the uploaded inventory details have not been verified or verified by a third party.

As shown in the figure below, it is presented in both numerical and graphical ways.


The process of generating a Performance InCheck report


Frequency of updating Performance InCheck reports

Suppliers preparing to generate Performance InCheck reports should perform monthly updates. When the supplier's chemical inventory in the ZDHC Gateway reaches a higherZDHC MRSL compliance level, the frequency of generating Performance InCheck reports may be one of the following:

1. On demand generation - meets brand requirements.

2. After the supplier executes the Verified InCheck report and completes corrective actions, it can be generated once or twice a year to improve the ZDHC MRSL compliance of verified inventory.

Kind reminder

It is recommended that suppliers should prepare a Performance InCheck report for a sufficient period of time, summarize and improve it. Once the management performance of chemical inventory can reach a high ZDHC MRSL compliance level, they can start preparing to execute the Verified InCheck report.

Before applying for Verified InCheck, the supplier needs to provide Performance InCheck reports for three consecutive months.

The Verified InCheck guide can be found in our previously published article:

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