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Aluminum has special chemical and physical properties, which are not only lightweight and tough in texture, but also have good ductility, and are widely used in the fields of construction and transportation. At the same time, aluminum is often seen in our daily products (deodorants, makeup creams, etc.) and numerous packaging (canned goods, yogurt caps, etc.). It is an important basic raw material for the development of the national economy. However, the significant increase in demand for aluminum in recent years has also caused irreversible consequences to the environment, such as alkaline sludge generated during bauxite mining, greenhouse gas emissions or water consumption during processing and manufacturing.

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also pointed out in its public document on the proposal of the National People's Congress that relevant parties have been continuously promoting the standardized, high-end, and green transformation and development of the aluminum industry. Therefore, responsible aluminum production plays an important role in both the enterprise itself, the current environmental conditions, and China's economic development.

About ASI

The Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI) is a global non-profit organization dedicated to the development and certification of aluminum value chain standards. ASI brings together producers, users, and stakeholders in the aluminum value chain, committed to maximizing aluminum's contribution to sustainable society.


ASI Performance Standards

The ASI performance standards establish environmental, social, and governance sustainability requirements for entities and facilities engaged in the aluminum value chain. ASI members in the categories of "production and transformation processing" and "industrial users" must have at least one facility certified to performance standards within two years of joining ASI.

This standard covers all stages of the aluminum value chain: primary aluminum production (including bauxite mining, alumina refining, and aluminum smelting), semi-finished and material conversion processes, recycling, and the use of final products. Thestandard includes the following content:


1. Corporate integrity

2. Policy and Management

3. Transparency

4. Material management


5. Greenhouse gas emissions

6. Air pollutants, water pollutants, and solid waste

7. Water resource management

8. Biodiversity and ecosystem services


9. Human rights

10. Labor rights and interests

11. Occupational health and safety


ASI certification process

1. Self evaluation

According to its defined certification scope, the self-assessment preparation stage for certification review is carried out.

2. Certification review

We, as an ASI accredited auditing body, conduct risk-based qualification assessments. During the certification review, we verify whether the entity has a system that meets ASI performance standards.

3. Audit report

Our experts prepare reports for ASI and members, including appropriate corrective action plans if needed.

4. Issuing certificates

If we submit a report and recommend certification, ASI will check the clarity and completeness of the audit report. Then, ASI issues a three-year certification and updates the ASI website.

5. Regular review

Regularly review and supervise audits within 12-18 months, and conduct re certification audits after a 3-year certification period to verify further compliance and evaluate other identified risks.

The benefits of obtaining ASI certification

This is a necessary qualification for establishing supply chain cooperation with customers, as well as an important condition for developing high-quality users, increasing product premiums, and expanding high-end markets.

☆ Enable enterprises to respond to environmental challenges, demonstrate responsible aluminum procurement practices, improve sustainable development performance, and enhance consumer and stakeholder confidence.

Improve supply chain transparency and manage supply chain risks.

☆ Strengthen the internal management system related to environmental, social, and governance issues

Improve the reputation of the enterprise, establish responsible aluminum supply, respect human rights and the environment.

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