Better Cottton, Leading More Sustainable Agricultural Practices

Issuing time:2024-02-21 14:36

Cotton is one of the most important renewable natural resources in the world, and its cultivation has a history of thousands of years. During the Industrial Revolution, the prosperity of textile production made cotton an affordable fabric for everyone. With regulatory and technological innovations, the cotton industry is undergoing an exciting transformation.

By implementing Better Cotton Certification, it will lead to more sustainable agricultural practices, reduce water and chemical use, and promote fair working conditions around the world.


Better Cotton Standards

In May 2023, BCI released the Chain of Custody (CoC) standard v1.0, which came into effect in October. Starting from May 2025, all organizations seeking to trade good cotton should comply with the requirements of Better Cotton CoC 1.0.

There are four types of chain of supervision standards for better cotton: inventory balance, blending, 100% physical better cotton (from multiple source countries), and 100% physical better cotton (from a single source country).


Which enterprises are suitable for the BCI regulatory chain

The BCI regulatory chain standard applies to all global supply chain enterprises, including (but not limited to) seed cotton traders, seed cotton trading markets, ginning factories, cotton merchants, spinning factories, factories or suppliers without spinning business (including fabric factories, dyeing factories, yarn and fabric traders, vertical integrated chemical factories), finished product manufacturers, finished product procurement intermediaries, retailers and brand merchants. If you have subcontracted (outsourced) activities, they should also be included in the certification scope when applicable.

BCI Chain of Custody Certification Process

1. The organization registers its intention with BCI.

2. BCI conducts preliminary screening.

3. If approved, the organization will be invited to fill out the Chain of Custody Standard v1.0 registration form.

4. Divide the organization into categories A, B, and C based on the level of risk.

5. If applicable, the organization will contact ASCP as the verifier for traceability verification.

6. Organize the correction of non conformities.

7. The organization has obtained access to the Better Cotton Platform.


BCI evaluation decision

Assessment decisions made based on regulatory chain requirements and compliance with other risk factors.


Why choose BCI cotton

Environmental management: BCI promotes environmentally friendly agricultural practices and reduces the environmental footprint of cotton production.

Social impact: Support the livelihoods of cotton farmers by promoting fair labor practices and community development.

Transparency: BCI certification ensures traceability and gives consumers confidence in the sustainability of products.

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