ASI performance standards promote the sustainability of the aluminum value chain

Issuing time:2024-03-06 16:31

The ASI performance standards clarify the principles and guidelines for environmental, social, and corporate governance in the aluminum value chain, with the aim of addressing sustainable development issues in the aluminum industry. Members of ASI in the categories of "production and conversion processing" and "industrial users" are required to have at least one factory certified by ASI performance standards within two years after the start of the ASI certification program or within two years of joining ASI.


01. Production and conversion processing

This includes organizations engaged in one or more of the following activities: bauxite mining, alumina refining, aluminum smelting, aluminum remelting/refining, semi-finished product processing, and/or material conversion.

02. Industrial users

Organizations that manufacture aluminum containing consumer or industrial products in aviation, automotive, construction, durable consumer goods, engineering, IT, and similar industries, as well as industry organizations that use aluminum in their product packaging in beverages, food, pharmaceuticals, or other industries.

Many contents and guidelines of performance standards are based on management systems and methods. An effective management system has the following factors that contribute to the implementation of performance standards.

risk assessment

A valuable management tool that can identify and describe actual and potential risks. Enterprises can use it to identify which areas in the applicable standards need to be prioritized.

For members who do not frequently conduct risk assessments, ASI ensures that a template is included on the platform.

For members implementing mature management systems, simply reviewing or extending existing risk assessment systems is sufficient to identify and address any potential risks. The risk assessment will determine whether implementing or modifying any of the following is appropriate.

Senior managers or staff

Assigned to be responsible for relevant matters in performance standards.

Written policies and procedures

Be able to clearly articulate the company's position on key issues and find ways to implement the policy. If preparing these materials for the first time, or for small and micro enterprises, it is necessary to come up with effective methods. For example, policies and processes can be documented in statements and used for training purposes.

Save Records

It is important for any enterprise and enables it to measure the progress made over time. It provides crucial information resources for internal reviews and valuable evidence for external audits when necessary.


Help employees focus on key areas and understand the company's policies and processes. Training is an important way for both new and old employees to understand the work they need to do and synchronize with a flexible and dynamic enterprise.


Before certification review, members must conduct a self-assessment of the ASI standards applicable to the relevant certification scope. Self assessment is an evaluation review conducted by members of their defined certification scope to better understand their current compliance with ASI standards.

What should members do during self-assessment?

1. Record the defined scope of authentication.

2. Submit the following information: Other equivalent certification review projects, expected changes in certification scope, such as expansion, acquisition, asset divestment, etc.

3. Assess the readiness for certification review and improve practices where necessary.

4. Identify documents and key individuals, as well as their contact information, including information that auditors may need outside of the organization during the review process.

5. After obtaining consent, share their contact information with all individuals who may need to be interviewed during the review process.

6. Establish preliminary maturity levels.

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