Textile Exchange Annual Report | Certification Facilities Grow to Over 70000

Issuing time:2024-03-11 13:25

Recently, Textile Exchange released its 2023 annual report on its official website, and theeditor has compiled the main content for everyone. Let's take a look together.


Three key strategies of TE

1. Provide accurate data and information.

2. Implement credible statements through material sustainability standards.

3. Gathering key stakeholders together to promote collaboration.

Annual Achievements of TE

The annual report data shows that the total revenue of all its projects is $23.9 million, which is higher than the $20.5 million in 2022. The number of certified facilities, conference attendees, and TE members has reached new heights.

74500 facilities have now passed TE standard certification;

14439 views on research and reports published on the official website;

7139 visits to climate+impact dashboard;

5100 people registered to participate in online seminars;

4000 attendees participated in the roundtable discussion;

2923 people use TE's preferred fiber and material matrix;

1422 people attended in person and 525 people attended the textile exchange conference online;

More than 870 member organizations.


2024 Material Reference Cycle

The 2024 material benchmark survey will be open for submission from April 1st to June 7th, 2024. All new companies hoping to start their benchmark testing journey this year need to register on the data reporting platform.

Registration to participate in the 2024 material benchmark cycle → Previous participating companies do not need to register again.

From now until the start of the investigation, all relevant resources and guidance will beshared through the center's material benchmark community.

Continuous improvement achieved through independent evaluation

The Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) was launched in 2016 by the Textile Exchange in collaboration with numerous industry experts and stakeholders. The goal is to help promote the traceability of responsible wool, which is produced through improved environmental, social, and animal welfare practices, while rewarding farmers who have set strong examples.

In just a few years, RWS has significantly increased. As of the end of 2022, approximately 4400 farms in 11 countries have obtained RWS certification, with approximately 20 million sheep.

In order to evaluate progress, TE commissioned an independent evaluation of RWS in 2022, which conducted research in South Africa, one of the world's leading wool producing countries. The insights in the report emphasize the positive impact of RWS and areasfor improvement, which will be used to implement future changes.


Transforming standards into a more unified system

Over the past 20 years, TE's sustainable development standards have helped it establish integrity in the fashion, textile, and clothing industries. Nowadays, TE provides strict standards tailored to key issues such as resource management, human livelihoods, animal welfare, and traceability mechanisms required for the production of different types of materials.

Although its standards have always focused on minimizing negative impacts to the greatest extent possible, TE is now striving to raise standards, find solutions for developing standards, reward and measure raw material production practices that have beneficial impacts on climate and nature.


Therefore, since 2021, TE has been striving to unify its eight standards into a more unified and impact focused system. When TE advances the overall approach to climate action, new standards need to reflect this. That's why, as part of this shift, TE is actively identifying indicators that demonstrate lasting impacts in key areas such as climate, soil health, water and biodiversity, as well as human livelihoods and animal welfare.

In the future, TE will continue to uphold its commitment to maintaining a strong and effective standard system, linking brands, retailers, and large suppliers with certification materials, ensuring that they can provide convincing and verifiable labels and statements.

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