How to register a factory profile on Gateway?

Issuing time:2024-03-21 08:45

If the factory wants to complete the SLCP assessment, it must first create an account, fill in information, register the factory file onthe SLCP Gateway, and submit it for SLCP review. Assessment can only begin after obtaining SLCP approval. The editor has compiled the relevant steps for everyone, let's take a look together.


1. Open the SLCP Gateway, on the login page, click "Click here to create an account".

Website: https://gateway.slconvergence.org/login

Many factories may encounter a situation where the page cannot be opened when logging into the Gateway. You can consider changing the browser or contacting our team to provide support.


2. Please use a corporate email for registration, personal email may be rejected. Fill in the relevant information in English and then click "Create account".


3. You will receive an email reply prompting you to confirm your email address. Please open the email, click on "Confirm" inside, and set your password.


If you haven't received the email, please check if it has been filtered to the spam folder. Suggest adding the following email to the whitelist:



4. On the password settings page, enter the same password twice in a row and then click "Create".


5. Log in to SLCP Gateway using the registered email and password. Due to your file notbeing approved yet. At this stage, only four options can be seen (Home, My Profile, Account, and Get Support).


To ensure that the file is approved, please fill in your file information.

Notes for filling out file information in factories

1. There is no approved account on the Gateway yet.

2. Located in the countries/regions where the SLCP project has already started operation (please check the latest list on the Gateway homepage).

3. Fill in all information in English.

4. Fill in the name field with the company name (not the individual/employee name).

a. The name is consistent with the business license;

b. If there are multiple factories under the same manufacturing group, please place the group name before the factory name. For example: a certain group company - a certainfactory;

c. The name has not been used by other factories;

d. Use English names.

Select the language used by factory management and employees in your Gateway account. Open the standardized language list and select one by one to ensure that the language spoken by factory employees matches the language skills of the verifier.

Attention: Select all languages used in your factory.


6. The file contains your Open Supply Hub (OS) ID and the brands you collaborate with.

In your factory file, if the buyer has activated the "brand assessment overview" function on their AH (recognized hosting platform), you can choose to link with them. Without your permission, your data will never be shared.

7. Go back to the top of the page and click on "Save Changes".


8. Go back to the top of the page and click "Submit for Approval".

After submitting the factory file, SLCP will process your application within two working days.


Notes after registration

a. Except for the name and address of the factory, all other information can be modified by oneself. If you need to change the factory name and address, you must submit it to SLCP Helpdesk and attach the latest business license of the factory.

b. If the factory name (such as' ABC Apparels Ltd. ') is already in use in the Gateway, the same name cannot be used anymore. You can consider adding a number or address to use it, for example:' ABC Apparels Ltd. - unit 01 '.

c. It is not possible to change the registered email address, but you can invite other users to jointly manage factory files.

d. Multiple factory files cannot be registered for the same email address.

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