What is the GRS Transaction Certificate (TC)? What documents are required to apply for TC?

Issuing time:2024-03-22 17:02

A TC Transaction Certificate is a document issued by a Certification Body (CB) that lists the actual certified product and shipping details, including the buyer's name and address, and declares the certification status of the shipped goods. To ensure that the specific goods received comply with textile exchange standards, the buyer may (and should) request their certified supplier to provide TC. TC is not only applicable to GRS standards, but also to other TE standards such as RCS, OCS, RDS, etc.

Note: The scope certificate (SC) of an organization and all outgoing transaction certificates (TC) should be issued by the same certification body.


Based on experience, applying for TC requires attention to the following points:

1. The invoice provided should clearly indicate the gross/net weight.

2. We need to provide a bank issued statement.

3. When the production process cannot meet the requirements, an extension should be applied for the certificate.

4. Foreign customers will have a bill of lading, which is the shipment date, and this date needs to be filled in with the earliest date in the bill of lading.

5. The loss needs to comply with industry standards.

6. Except for component certification, the weight of accessories and accessories cannot exceed 10% of the net weight.

In addition, the editor has compiled the necessary materials for applying for TC for everyone's reference and preparation.

Materials required for applying for TC

The TC application should include proof of the sale of declaration materials. Enterprises should provide the information required by certification bodies, which may include but are not limited to:

Input Material Information

1. Supplier scope certificate SC, which includes the ingredients of the TC product being applied for.

2. Upstream TC.

3. Contracts with suppliers, invoices issued by suppliers.

4. Transportation documents from supplier to applicant.

5. The receipt record of the TC applicant.

6. Financial records, such as bank receipts, SWIFT, letters of credit (LC), and income tax records.

For GRS/RCS (the input material is the recycled material provided by the recycled material supplier)

In addition to providing the required materials for the "input information" mentioned above, it is also necessary to provide: recycled material supplier agreement, recycled material declaration form, evidence of purchased waste, production line recycled materials (declaration, circulation form, and ledger), etc.

For subcontracting

Outsourcing of both parties with the same standard: both parties can be certified by different CBs;

RCS certified parties can subcontract to GRS subcontractors, and both parties must passthe same CB certification;

OCS licensed parties cannot outsource to GOTS subcontractors.

Please provide: scope certificate of independent subcontractor, contract with subcontractor, invoice issued by subcontractor, transportation documents from applicant to subcontractor, subcontractor's receipt record, transportation documents for processed products from subcontractor to applicant, TC applicant's receipt record, etc.

Output product information

1. The scope certificate of the TC applicant, which includes the certified products for the TC application.

2. Buyer scope certificate, if applicable.

3. The buyer's purchase order, legal contract, and product parameters.

4. The sales invoice issued by the applicant to the buyer.

5. Packing list/shipment details, domestic trade must provide delivery details with weight, while overseas trade requires packing list.

6. Transportation documents from the applicant to the buyer.

7. Financial records.

Third party product quality testing report

"Third- or second-party product quality test reports for inputs and outputs (recommended for non-recycled fibers, all yarns, and all fabrics)."

Quality tests refer to the following tests:

• For fibers (PC0033, PC0034), the fiber length in mm and fiber fineness in applicable unit;

• Foryarns (PC0029, PC0030, PC0031), the yarn count;

• For fabrics (PC0025, PC0026, PC0027, PC0028, PC0039), the fabric gsm (weight in g/m2) and fabric construction (e.g. ends/picks per inch, yarn count).

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