SLCP CAF v1.6 Q&A | What are the changes in the new version? What is the impact on the factory?

Issuing time:2024-04-09 11:22

SLCP CAF v1.6 was exclusively released on Worldly on March 21, 2024. What are the changes to the new version? What is the impact on factories that still hold or use CAF v1.5 after activation? The editor has organized relevant content for everyone, let's take a look together.


The main changes in CAF v1.6

Salary data issue in Step 2

New questions regarding gender classified wage information related to minimum wage levels and the most representative wage levels/levels. This helps to understand typical worker wages (the most representative wage level/level) and the most vulnerable worker wages (minimum wage level/level).

Improve the wording of questions in Step 1 and Step 2 based on user feedback

For users who must "select all applicable" multiple-choice answer blocks, "blank"/"not selected X" answers have led to misleading or difficult to understand non compliant decisions. The issue has been rephrased, therefore the non-compliance situation is now clearly marked as "X". SLCP also updated the remaining double negation issues in the tool. Users will have a clearer understanding that the question is whether they have "failed" to do something.

New answer options in union issues

For issues related to freedom of association and collective bargaining, especially those related to unions, there is a new answer option when there is no union present in the factory during the evaluation period.

New answer options for the question of worker engagement (facility overview section)

Under Basic Information - Worker Engagement: Have worker representatives and/or workers participated in the self/joint assessment process?

There are new answer options to better understand whether SLCP worker participation technology has been used.

Process update: Cancel the 14 day validation review deadline

This year, in order to ensure that the institution comprehensively reviews the verificationreport and has sufficient time to request any editing, the 14 day verification review period has been cancelled. Your factory must now manually accept validation results through the "Complete Validation Evaluation" operation on Worldly to complete the evaluation (VRF status). The factory will receive an email reminder about this new process.

In previous years, validation results on Worldly would be automatically accepted after two weeks or 14 calendar days. If the institution fails to finalize, dispute or request editing of the verification results within 14 days, the verified evaluation will automatically be accepted into the Verified Final (VRF) state and sent to the SLCP gateway.

What about factories that have started but have not yet completed the CAF v1.5 evaluation?

The evaluation of the previous version (CAF v1.5) that was already in progress when CAFv1.6 was released can be completed on the current platform. The data from CAF v1.5 still has correlation.

After the launch of CAF v1.6 on March 21, 2024, factories that have already started CAF v1.5 can still complete the original version of SLCP evaluation within the next 6 months.

After the release of CAF v1.6, can I still transfer the CAF v1.5 evaluation to Worldly?

The ongoing or completed CAF v1.5 evaluation can be transferred to the Worldly platform.

After CAF v1.6 is enabled, will the problem points reported in CAF v1.5 be automatically transferred?

No, it's not

CAF v1.5 expires in six months, is the time counted from the time of purchase?

No, it starts from the effective date of the new version of CAF v1.6, which is March 21, 2024.

If the factory purchases CAF v1.5 version but has not yet started, will the modules on the platform disappear after enabling CAF v1.6? Will the system directly switch to CAF v1.6?

If you have purchased a CAF 1.5 assessment but have not yet started, the assessment will automatically convert to CAF v1.6 after the start date of March 21, 2024.

Has CAF v1.6 cancelled the appendix?


If I bought a self-assessment of CAF v1.5 on FFC at the end of 2023 but haven't filled it out yet, is there still time to complete it?

Yes. Within six months after the release of CAF v1.6, CAF v1.5 remains valid, which means there is still plenty of time until September 2024.

What changes have occurred in the CAF 1.6 update on the FFC platform?

With the CAF v1.6 update, the FFC platform will no longer be an accredited organizer for SLCP evaluations. FFC customers who have completed the SLCP assessment have beennotified and invited to create their Worldly account, and will purchase the assessment on the Worldly platform.

CAF v1.6 is only available on the Wordly platform and cannot be purchased through theFFC platform.

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