Higg FEM tailors issues based on facility operations and aligns them with evolving regulations

Issuing time:2024-04-16 08:44

Higg Facility Environmental Module (FEM) is one of the factory tools in the Higg Index series of Cascale (formerly SAC), and it is the most widely used environmental performance evaluation in the consumer goods supply chain. The latest version of the evaluation, Higg FEM 4.0, was launched in November last year, improving the accuracy of data and better aligning with global frameworks such as the greenhouse gas protocol, scientific goals initiative, and ZDHC zero carbon roadmap.


Key dates

It should be noted that self-evaluation can be published and withdrawn unlimited times before April 30th, and self-evaluation published after April 30th cannot be withdrawn.

There are still two weeks left, please try to ensure that your assessment is completed and updated before this, in order to conduct industry benchmark testing.

The operation of factories varies among different manufacturers. Higg FEM evaluates seven aspects to measure the impact of the facility on the environment, and the questionsyou need to answer depend on how your facility operates.

Impact areas: environmental management systems, energy/greenhouse gas emissions, water, waste, wastewater, air emissions, chemical management.

Higg FEM tailors issues based on facility operations

When filling out the "Water" section, Higg FEM will classify your facility as low or high water users based on water usage, or facilities located in areas with low or high water risk. You only need to answer the question based on the water consumption.

When filling out the "Air Emissions" section, the assessment will classify facility emissions based on operations, production, refrigerants, artificial cellulose fibers, or completely non emitting outputs. You only need to answer questions related to emissions output.

The same process also applies to energy, wastewater, chemicals, and other components.This personalized design not only saves you time, but also provides more accurate environmental impact ratings based on the unique operation of your facility.

Why does your facility require environmental data

The use of Higg FEM facilities can obtain the necessary data to confidently navigate today's complex sustainable development environment. Through evaluation, you can easilyand comprehensively understand your impact on the environment:

Collaborate and track the sustainable development goals of the enterprise.

Prepare for emerging sustainability regulations.

☆ Identify areas for improvement.

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