Deeply using SLCP in the supply chain to establish a sustainable supply chain ecosystem

Issuing time:2024-04-18 13:15

SLCP is a multi-stakeholder initiative aimed at reducing audit fatigue and creating decent working conditions in global supply chains. SLCP now has over 250 signatories who are publicly committed to its vision and mission, and over 80 organizations accept SLCP data. In 2023, over $26 million in resources were unlocked through the use of SLCP fusion evaluation.


Since the launch of SLCP, the evaluation has increased by 20 times. This growth is not only at the primary level, but also at a deeper level in the supply chain. The goal of SLCP is to achieve a year-on-year growth of 19% by the end of 2024, equivalent to 11000 new evaluations.


In China, Türkiye and India, most SMEs using SLCP are primary facilities, while in Vietnam and Bangladesh, two-thirds of SMEs are secondary facilities.


In 2023, approximately 2300 SLCP facilities were classified as secondary facilities, which is a strong development compared to the previous year. The third layer is growing! In 2024, SLCP will focus on improving deeper adoption rates in the supply chain.


The main characteristics of SLCP

1. Collect coordinated, accessible, and trustworthy social and labor supply chain data through a proprietary tool Fusion Assessment Framework (CAF).

2. Replacing the need for duplicate auditing and freeing up resources to prevent and mitigate adverse impacts on human rights.

3. SLCP data is independently validated by third-party verification agencies (such as ASCP).

4. The facility has its own data, which can be used for meaningful HRDD.


About HRDD

In 2023, SLCP released a Human Rights Due Diligence Toolkit (HRDD) for its stakeholders to understand how CAF tools align with the requirements of various HRDD legislation,including CSDDD.

This resource is very useful for stakeholders who wish to comply with regulations and policy makers who wish to understand the role of SLCP data in HRDD.

The benefits of a common framework

CAF is applicable to policy compliance, and its collected issues and data are globally applicable, comprehensive, in compliance with national labor laws, consistent with the core conventions of the International Labour Organization, and in line with the consistent expectations of stakeholders.

The verified high-quality data provides undeniable credibility for the company's sustainable developmentapproach. It serves as a badge of honor, showcasing the unwavering dedication of the company to transparency and social responsibility to stakeholders. In addition, it enhances decision-making ability, promotes market access, and promotes consumer trust.

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