Walmart's latest notice on Higg FEM, with Walmart discount code WMFEM150 and Disney discount code

Issuing time:2024-04-28 18:08

Recently, Walmart released the latest notice about Higg FEM, involving suppliers of clothing, accessories, footwear and household products. Suppliers of hard home products without textile components may ignore this notice.

Notification content

1. Please contact your textile and wet processing factories to ensure that they purchase and complete Higg FEM 2023 before April 30, 2024.

2. Please confirm with the facilities within your scope that they have purchased and completed the self-assessment and shared it with Walmart.


April 30, 2024

Higg FEM 2023 self-assessment must be posted and shared with Walmart.

Self assessment must be completed once a year.

December 31, 2024

The verified Higg FEM 2023 must be posted and shared with Walmart.

Validation must be completed every other year.


In addition, Walmart and Disney cooperate with Worldly to provide discount codes for their facilities.

Walmart (Higg lD17405) $150 discount code: WMFEM150

Disney (Higg ID: 17948) $270 discount code: DISNEYFEM270

If the facility has not received a sharing request, it can be shared on the Worldly platform by searching for Higg lD.

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