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ASCP is Approved by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the P.R.C (CNCA), with the independent corporate status of professional certification institutions. As an industry-leading certification audit service and testing service provider, ASCP provides effective value-added business to customers in all stages of the supply chain with professional, fair service quality and excellent service spirit. Strive to give full play to their advantages in all stages of customer development and provide more comprehensive value chain services.
Professional & impartial certification/audit, testing, and inspection services:
ASCP has a fair and clean, experienced, professional proficient talent team. With perfect standardized resources and high-quality testing environment. Through the real-time update of the domestic and foreign certification audit standards, testing technology, inspection requirements and supply chain development trends, in the certification audit services and testing services always stand the latest trend in the international industry, and strive to createauthoritative, fair and efficient service brand;
ASCP is a young but dynamic professional certification audit and testing service, dedicated to the implementation of system certification, requirements audit, standard testing, and inspection in an independent, objective and professional manner. Cooperate with fair, honest, confidential and due diligence service attitude to give the confidence to supply chain, customers, markets and consumers to support the success of supply chain parties in global markets.
Strong professional team:
Professional excellent staff is the most important resource of ASCP, a professional team built by senior inspectors, auditors, inspectors, technical inspectors and professional managers. With experienced certification auditors/inspectors and professional testing team, ASCP will provide customer authority and reliable comprehensive services.
Personalized professional services:
ASCP is committed to becoming the most trusted supply chain management service provider. Take "increase confidence for customers" as the service concept, in line with the "fair, honest, confidential, due diligence" work attitude, pay attention to cultivate the trust relationship with customers, honesty-based.ASCP does his duty to serve customers, according to the needs of each customer, to provide customers with a special customized certification audit and testing program to achieve win-win, promote the healthy development of the supply chain.
Jointly building new standards, adhering to new regulations, innovating ecology, sharing new harmony, and achieving a win-win new world
Becoming an excellent ecosystem empowerment partner

7 * 24-hour telephone technical support
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The report shall be completed within 5 days
100% integrity management
Secure and transparent audit price system
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