Declaration of Impartiality and Commitment to Confidentiality
To ensure the impartiality and objectivity of management system certification and service certification activities, ASCP will strictly comply with the regulations of the CNCA and relevant accreditation bodies, and make the following statements and commitments:
1. Adhere to the principle of non-discrimination and carry out certification services to all applicants to the extent that they are capable of doing so, without attaching any unreasonable conditions and without hindering or rejecting the applicant's application for certification.
2. In the whole process of certification acceptance, on-site audit/review, certification decision and certification registration, the management procedures of the certification body are strictly implemented to objectively reflect the actual situation of the certified organisation.
3. Not directly engaged in consulting work related to certification activities, who has engaged in certification consulting services, within two years shall not be involved in consulting the organization's certification audit.
4. Regulation of certification practices, the Centre's certification staff are required to strictly adhere to professional guidelines, professional ethics, standardize their work, free from any interference, and carry out certification audit / review activities independently.
5. Fulfilment of the confidentiality commitment, all staff of the certification body, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the certification client, to keep confidential commercial, technical, management and other information.
6. Comply with national laws, regulations and other requirements and not disclose non-public information about the organisation to any third party without the consent of the principal (or accredited client), but not including.    
a) The certification body has information that is disclosed before the commissioner (or certification client).    
b) Statutory public information, or information that the certification body does not rely on the commissioner (or certification client) to obtain.  
c) Information that has been made public by the commissioning party (or certified client).    
d) Documents, information and records of the certification audit and service review process that are not  suspected of being confidential to the organisation.    
e) Information that should be disclosed when required by law or regulation.
7. Where it is necessary to disclose controlled information to the national authorities, the licensed client shall be informed in advance and consent shall be obtained.
8. The commissioning party (or certification client) has the right to request confidentiality and exclusion zones, etc., and to monitor the implementation of confidentiality commitments by auditors.
9. In order to maintain fairness and impartiality, ASCP has established a comprehensive system for receiving and handling disputes, complaints and grievances.
ASCP sincerely welcomes and accepts the supervision of certified customers and the public.
Appeals,Complaints and Disputes Management
ASCP attaches great importance to customer satisfaction. In order to continuously improve our service quality, we will humbly listen to your opinions or suggestions and make timely investigation and addressing. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the certification and audit activities of ASCP or the client companies audited and certified by ASCP, you are welcome to present to ASCP Integrity Committee at E-mail: info@ascpsevices.com
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