SLCP Verification

Issuing time:2022-09-15 13:03


7 Step SLCP assessment process

Step 1:Register on the e-learning platformto enroll in the Facility Course and Certificate.

Step 2:Create a profile on the Gateway. Click on “login” and then on “register” to create an account.

Step 3:Create an account on the Accredited Host

Step 4:Now that you have access to the Accredited Host (AH) of your choice: You either fill in the self/joint assessment online on the Accredited Host platform or, download theData Collection Tool (Excel file) from Accredited Host and fill in the Excel file offline andthen upload back on the AH platform. We recommend to fill in the Tool online, to avoid issues related to downloading/uploading of data.

Step 5:VRP stands for Verification in Progress –this assessment status indicates that you have contacted Verifier Bodies (VB) by telephone or e-mail for quotes and selected your chosen VB on the Accredited Host platform. The VB has accepted and has started the verification.

Step 6:VRF (Verification Finalized) or VRD (Verification Disputed)

Step 7:The verified assessment (VRF) can be viewed, downloaded and shared with end users or other Accredited Hosts (AH) on the Gateway (see menu tab “Overview of my SLCP Assessments”).

You decide with whom you want to share your SLCP verified assessment, i.e. with which AHs and which end-users. No data is shared without a facility’s approval.


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