ZDHC InCheck solution helps suppliers achieve safer chemical management

Issuing time:2023-10-18 16:19

The ZDHC InCheck solution is an important cornerstone in the implementation process of ZDHC's "Zero Emissions Roadmap Plan". To help suppliers achieve safer chemical management, the InCheck solution is divided into two parts: Performance InCheck report and Verified InCheck report.


01. Performance InCheck Report

The purpose of this report is to:

Understand the status of chemicals in the supplier's chemical inventory registered in the ZDHC Gateway Chemicals module and certified according to ZDHC MRSL.

Develop improvement measures based on the quantity of chemicals published on the ZDHC Gateway and the ZDHC MRSL compliance level of the chemicals.

The Performance InCheck report is based on chemical inventory data recorded in the supplier's chemical inventory. Please note that the uploaded inventory details have not been verified or verified by a third party.

Therefore, the Performance InCheck report should mainly be used as a tool for suppliers to internally monitor the ZDHC MRSL compliance level of chemicals in chemical inventory and motivate suppliers to make improvements.

02. Verified InCheck Report

To convey a reliable and reliable input chemical management status that meets the ZDHC MRSL compliance level, suppliers can generate a Verified InCheck report. This requiresa third-party or third-party verification agency recognized by ZDHC to conduct on-site inspections of suppliers to verify their chemical inventory.

The purpose of the Verified InCheck report is to:

Create a reliable and validated InCheck report for the supplier's chemical inventory based on the ZDHC MRSL compliance level of chemicals in the ZDHC Gateway.

Enhance transparency and credibility towards external stakeholders.

This verified inventory is uploaded by the verification agency to the ZDHC Gateway. Therefore, suppliers can communicate transparent and reliable input chemical inventory management in accordance with ZDHC MRSL through Verified InCheck reports.

The relationship between Performance InCheck and Verified InCheck reports

It is recommended that suppliers generate a Performance InCheck report for a sufficientperiod of time before generating the Verified InCheck report.

In terms of ZDHC MRSL compliance level, Performance InCheck is a tool for suppliers tocontinuously evaluate and improve their input chemical inventory management performance, and on this basis, to complete the execution of Verified InCheck reports to convey the reliability of chemical inventory status to stakeholders. The purpose of creating a Verified InCheck report is to establish a deeper level of trust while implementing ZDHC MRSL compliance levels for chemical inventory at the supplier level, in accordance with ZDHC's "trust but verification" principle.

ASCP Services is a third-party verification agency designated by ZDHC, which can provide you with InCheck report verification services to promote zero emissions of harmful substances and achieve sustainable development goals.

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