What are the SC and TC certificates for Textile Exchange? How to check authenticity?

Issuing time:2023-10-20 09:49

The standards issued by the Textile Exchange (TE) include: GRS, RCS, OCS, CCS, RDS, RAF (including RWS, RMS, RAS).


There are two types of certificate styles issued by these standards: scope certificate (SC)and transaction certificate (TC).

Some examples of SC and TC certificates issued by ASCP Services are shown in the following figure: SC certificates on the left and TC certificates on the right.


SC (Scope Certificate), also known as an authentication certificate or compliance certificate.

A document issued by a certification body to demonstrate an organization's ability to produce and sell specific declaration materials that meet standards. It lists the products and/or product categories, as well as the qualified processing, manufacturing, and trade activities within the scope of organizational certification.

TC (Transaction Certificate), also known as a sales certificate.

A document issued by a certification body to verify whether products sold or shipped from one organization to another meet a given standard and can be considered a declaration material by the recipient.

TE has clarified in the latest released documents "SC Certificate Policy V3.1" and "TC Certificate Policy V3.1" that the only way to check the authenticity of SC and TC certificates is through TE's official website. At the same time, it is required that after January 1, 2024, 3 working days after the issuance of all certificates, relevant information must be available on the designated website.

For updated content on the new version of the file, please refer to our previous article:

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1. SC certificate authenticity inquiry website:

The query interface is shown in the following figure


2. The authenticity query website for TC certificate:

The query interface is shown in the following figure


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