Better Cotton, Promoting Sustainable Development of the Cotton Industry

Issuing time:2023-10-23 09:32

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), also known as the Better Cotton, is the world's largest sustainable development plan for cotton, with numerous stakeholders as partners, including farmers, ginners, spinning mills, suppliers, manufacturers, brands, retailers, civil society organizations, donors, and governments.


The Good Cotton Standards System is a comprehensive strategy for obtaining raw materials and sustainable cotton manufacturing, aimed at addressing the environmental, social, and economic pillars of sustainable development. The components of this system collectively promote the adoption of sustainable practices, from Good Cotton Principles and Standards (P&C) to monitoring tools for recording results and impacts.


This validation not only contributes to the long-term viability and competitiveness of cotton, but also meets the growing demand for sustainable and ethically produced textiles.

1. Efficient utilization and protection of water resources, reducing the negative impact of cotton production on the environment.

2. Protecting natural habitats and improving the traceability of the cotton industry supply chain.

3. Concern about cotton quality, adopt new and more innovative approaches, transformsustainability into profitability, and improve livelihoods and economic development in cotton producing areas.

4. Protecting the interests of cotton farmers means decent work, gender empowerment,and reducing inequality.

5. Emphasizing soil health, better soil and water management, reduced pesticide use, and greater adaptability to climate change will bring opportunities.

To enable your company to pass the Good Cotton 3PV Verification Program, please contact our team.

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