SLCP, providing tools and systems for measuring global supply chain working conditions

Issuing time:2023-11-07 09:05

SLCP provides tools and systems for measuring the working conditions of global supplychains. This multi-stakeholder initiative includes hundreds of large brands/retailers, manufacturers, and service providers, sharing data and replacing duplicate social audits.

The Integration Assessment Framework (CAF) supports stakeholders in their efforts to improve the working conditions of the entire global supply chain, providing an assessment for everything. CAF was developed by the SLCP signatory for measuring factory working conditions, consisting of data collection tools, validation protocols, and verifier guidelines.


What is SLCP self-assessment?

SLCP requires factories to conduct self/joint assessments first. It not only allows you to fully understand their working conditions, but also allows you to:

Enable factories to better understand potential gaps;

Help factories understand how to best improve working conditions;

Empower factories with autonomy and control to improve workers' working conditions.

After self/joint evaluation, SLCP approved validators will verify its accuracy and create a complete and validated dataset. Then, the factory can decide with whom to share its validated data.

ASCP Services, as an SLCP recognized verification agency (VB ID: 698452), can provide SLCP verification to help you measure working conditions in global supply chains. The benefits of SLCP verification by a recognized auditing company:

Strengthen your commitment to responsible business throughout the entire supply chain;

Meeting buyer expectations and outlining responsible business practices that can be conveyed to suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders;

From general business requirements to human rights, support the integrity and transparency of global supply chains;

Ensure the accuracy and validity of data.

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