Higg FEM Scoring System Explanation

Issuing time:2023-11-21 08:37

The Higg FEM score can be presented in various forms, such as the total FEM score, the scores of each component, and the level achieved. Higg ratings can help brands understand the performance of factories and drive continuous improvement in factories. The latest Higg FEM 2023 will be based on the scoring method of FEM version 4.0.

Higg FEM Level Enhancement Method

The problem structure of Higg FEM has the following three levels:

Level 1- Basic Cognition: Understanding and understanding of sources and basic management systems.

Level 2- Plan improvement: Set benchmarks, goals, and track improvements.

Level 3- Industry Leading: Leading Visionary Practice.

The factory must first meet the requirements of Level 1 in order to unlock Level 2&3 issues.


Scoring method for Higg FEM 4.0

The proportion of scores for three levels is shown in the figure.


Higg FEM evaluated seven impact areas: environmental management system EMS, energy/greenhouse gases, water use, wastewater, exhaust emissions, solid waste, and chemical management. The proportion of scores in each field is shown in the figure.


If a specific part is not applicable to the factory (such as exhaust emissions), the score will be evenly redistributed to the other applicable parts. In this case, the weights of each component's scores are equal, each accounting for 16.67%.

Score calculation

If the answer is' yes', you will receive a full score.

The answer is' partially yes', and you will receive half of the score.

If the answer is' no 'or' unknown ', you will receive zero points.

The score for each question will vary based on the number of scoring questions applicable to the factory, and not all questions will be scored. In addition, there are additional scoring rules that automatically rate the factory based on whether it has achieved its energy/water resources/waste goals and achievements.

Particular attention

In Higg FEM 4.0, even if the factory performs well in each affected area, failure to provide a valid business license or environmental permit (without appropriate reasons) can result in a total FEM score of zero.

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