Recycled PET FDY yarn, combining fashion and sustainability

Issuing time:2024-02-06 09:25

Traditionally, synthetic fibers have been the main raw material for textiles, requiring a significant amount of petroleum resources. But petroleum resources are non renewable resources, and synthetic fibers can cause pollution during production and processing. With the increasing demand for sustainable and renewable materials, increasing environmental awareness, and the textile industry's emphasis on circular economy principles, people have been searching for natural renewable raw materials to make up for these shortcomings. As the darling of plastic recycling circles, the most common way for bottles to be processed is to recycle them and make them into recycled fibers. So, have you heard of FDY yarn made from PET bottles?


Today, the editor will introduce the application of PET materials in the circular textile industry. Before that, let's take a look at these hot words in the textile industry.

01. POY pre oriented yarn

POY pre oriented filament refers to a chemical fiber filament with an orientation degree between unoriented and stretched fibers obtained through high-speed spinning, which is not fully stretched. Compared with un stretched yarn, it has a certain degree of orientation, good stability, and is commonly used as a specialized thread for stretching false twisted textured yarn (DTY).

02. DTY stretch deformation thread

DTY stretch textured yarn is made by using POY as the raw material, undergoing stretching and false twisting deformation processing, and often has a certain degree of elasticity and shrinkage.

03. FDY fully stretched yarn

FDY is a synthetic fiber filament further prepared by spinning and stretching. The fibers have been fully stretched and can be directly used for textile finishing. Conventional fully stretched fibers, including polyester and nylon, belong to the category of synthetic filament. FDY fabric has a smooth and soft texture, and is often used to weave synthetic silk fabrics. It has a wide range of applications in clothing and home textiles.

04. PET

PET, scientific name: polyethylene terephthalate, is a linear thermoplastic.

PET is usually a crystalline plastic, and PET bottles, due to their advantages of light weight, less breakage, and low energy consumption, have replaced some traditional packaging materials and are widely used in fields such as food, beverages, and cosmetics. The recycling and reuse of PET is the process flow of regenerated PET.

Full stretch yarn (FDY) made of PET material is manufactured by collecting, cleaning, melting recycled PET bottles, and then extruding them into fine fibers, thereby producing FDY yarn with similar properties to the original polyester yarn. By using this yarn, a new type of environmentally friendly recycled PET fabric is finally produced.


This recycling approach is consistent with the global push for sustainable practices, providing an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional FDY yarns by reducing reliance on new raw materials and minimizing environmental impact. This recycled PET FDY yarn is applied in various industries, including textiles, clothing, and home furnishings, providing manufacturers and consumers with a responsible circular textile production method.

By adhering to certifications that verify recycled ingredients, such as GRS certification, RCS certification, etc., companies will obtain certificates that prove the use of recycled materials in their products, enabling them to collaborate with fashion brands committed to sustainable development, meet the requirements of stakeholders, and enhance their corporate image and product competitiveness.

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