FFC has now become a part of Worldly, how can SLCP evaluation be completed on the Worldly platform?

Issuing time:2024-02-23 10:47

FFC has now become a part of Worldly, and as a user of SLCP on FFC, it is necessary to achieve self-assessment by completing FSLM self-assessment on Worldly - sharing the same assessment and question set.

Main changes

1. Your evaluation sharing no longer requires payment of transfer fees from Worldly to FFC.

2. The SLCP evaluation that started on FFC before February 8, 2024 will be completed on FFC.

3. Starting from February 8, 2024, new SLCP evaluations can only be completed through the Worldly platform. If you wish to complete CAF 1.6, you must purchase FSLM on the Worldly platform and complete the assessment.

If you do not have an existing Worldly account, or if your facilities do not match Worldly, you need to follow the steps below.

Create an account

There are two ways to navigate to the Worldly platform to create an account and link it to your FFC ID. The first one is through the FFC platform - starting from February 8th, when the facility attempts to complete SLCP on FFC, it will prompt to log in to the Worldly platform for operation.

The second method to create a Worldly account and associate it with an FFC ID is through email. Starting from February 8th, you will receive emails from Worldly for creating an account.

1. Click on the "Create Account" link in the email. This is very important!


2. You will be guided to the Worldly login page.


New User Steps

1. Please create your user profile.


2. Please check your email inbox to verify your email address.


3. After verifying your email address, please continue to select the facility company account type.


4. Before creating a new company account, the system will prompt you to search for your account to ensure that there are no pre-existing accounts. Please make sure to search to verify if your company already has an existing account, as any duplicate accounts created will be rejected.


5. If you find that your company is listed, you can request to join by clicking "Request toJoin". The existing members of this account can approve your request. If you do not see your company in the list, please click "My company is not listed".


6. You will continue to create a new account. At the top, the system will prompt you to link your FFC account to the new account you are creating. If you choose to associate an account, your FFC ID will be automatically added to this new company account.


Steps for existing users

If you already have a Worldly account, your FFC ID is likely to match Worldly. If you do not see the FFC ID in your account, please follow the steps below to manually add the FFC ID.

1. Log in to the Wordly platform. Address: https://app.worldly.io/


2. Click on the abbreviation in the upper right corner and select "Account Information".


3. Find the blue "+FFC ID" next to the FFC ID at the bottom of the page and click to add it.


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