SAC renamed Cascale, ushering in a new era of global clothing and consumer goods with a new face

Issuing time:2024-02-27 08:47

The world and our industry have undergone tremendous changes, and in these constantly changing conditions and increasingly urgent situations, the Sustainable Clothing Alliance SAC has entered a new era with a brand new name and logo "Cascale".


Reviewing SAC's Journey

The journey of SAC has gone from promoting collaboration and coordination of tools, to adopting tools and strategic partnerships, and finally to finding new ways to expand influence. It has had a simple but ambitious vision since 2009, which is to gather stakeholders from the entire industry on a pre competitive basis and develop universal methods for measuring sustainability.


The Higg Index was born to drive responsibility and action, with tools covering the needs of products, facilities, brands, and retailers. All tools in the kit: Higg Facility Environment Module (FEM), Higg Facility Social and Labor Module (FSLM), Higg Brand and Retail Module (BRM), Higg Material Sustainability Index (MSI), and Higg Product Module (PM)- aimed at strengthening standardized sustainable development pathways in the clothing, footwear, and consumer goods industries.

Since 2019, SAC's global team has tripled in size, enhancing its capabilities, expertise, and global influence.

In 2023, SAC refined its strategic plan into "Impact Evolution", with climate change, decent work, and a future beneficial to nature as its three fundamental pillars. This strategy is based on ten years of work and progress, driving SAC's influence, initiatives, and partnerships.

In November 2023, SAC launched the updated Higg FEM 4.0. The result is improved data accuracy, compliance with key industry standards, increased environmental impact, and user centered design and audit efficiency.

SAC's vision has always been to create a global consumer goods industry that provides more benefits for the Earth and its people.

Today, over 24000 users rely on data insights from the Higg Index tool suite, and hundreds of executives gather at its annual event. As of December 2023, SAC's members include over 300 retailers, brands, manufacturers, governments, academia, industry associations, and non-profit organizations from 36 countries.

Please call it "Cascale"

In Cascale, "Cas" is the inversion of "SAC", while "CA" refers to "collective action" and "scale" refers to the pursuit of large-scale goals. The "C" in Cascale evokes a new "stage" similar to the lunar cycle in nature, as well as moonlight or mirror reflection. The elements of the logo represent its three member categories and external stakeholders.


Although the name and logo have been changed, the shared vision remains unchanged. In the future, Cascale will continue to support these joint efforts by contacting retailers, brands, manufacturers, major subsidiaries, and different stakeholders. Cascale also welcomes new members in these categories, including home furnishings, sports and outdoor products, and luggage, as Cascale recognizes synergies across industries and global regions, as well as opportunities to further expand its influence. The focus of Cascale is to ensure continuity, collaboration, and open communication to continue creating value together.

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