Higg FEM helps manufacturers, brands, and retailers achieve sustainable environmental development

Issuing time:2024-03-11 08:32

Higg FEM, as one of the factory tools in the Higg Index series of Cascale (formerly known as the Sustainable Apparel Coalition SAC), focuses on evaluating seven environmental impact areas: Environmental Management Systems (EMS), Energy and Greenhouse Gas (GHG), Water, Wastewater, Exhaust Gas, Waste, and Chemical Management. It is a standard method for quantifying and evaluating annual environmental performance of enterprises, aimed at reflecting the overall impact of enterprises and their facilities on the external environment, and helping manufacturers, brands, and retailers achieve sustainable environmental development.


Higg Time Requirements

Module purchase: The purchase must be completed before October 31st, and the FEM module purchase channel for the previous year will be closed after October 31st. The FEM2023 module needs to be purchased before October 31, 2024.

Self evaluation time requirement: According to customer requirements. It should be noted that self-evaluation can be published and withdrawn unlimited times before April 30th, and self-evaluation published after April 30th cannot be withdrawn.

Verification time requirement: Verification must be completed and released before December 31st.

Higg Verification Scope Requirements

Each business license entity requires a Higg FEM, except for the following situations:

1. Multiple factories located in the same location have different business licenses, but these factories are operated under a single legal entity, which can complete an FEM.

Note: If a separate factory is not operated by a single legally owned/operated parent company, each factory must complete a separate FEM.

2. If the material or component supplier of the factory has a separate business license and is located in the same location, and supplies 100% to the factory, its operation can be included in the factory's FEM.

Note: If the material or component supplier also supplies to other factories, a separate FEM will be required.

3. Factories located in two different physical locations (i.e. different legal addresses) must complete an FEM for each location, regardless of ownership (for example, if two factories are located in different physical locations but their operations are covered by a single parent company business license, a separate FEM is still required.

Higg related expenses

In order to simplify the process, provide greater transparency, and better align with industry practices, the verification authorization fee of $300 will now be collected by the verification agency and transferred to Cascale.


The Value of Higg to Enterprises

1. Identify improvement opportunities

Higg FEM provides factories with clear images of their environmental impacts, which can help them identify and prioritize opportunities for performance improvement.

2. Meet customer requirements

With the increasingly prominent climate issue of global warming, major brands, retailers, and others around the world are shifting their focus from simply focusing on product quality and profitability to focusing more on low-carbon, sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, and more. Buyers are beginning to focus on energy conservation and emission reduction, considering the impact of purchased products on carbon emissions and the environment during the production process, and requesting suppliers to evaluate environmental performance. And Higg FEM can precisely meet these needs.

3. Reduce the risk of illegal activities

With the government's emphasis on environmental protection and the improvement of domestic environmental regulations, the cost of environmental violations is increasing. FEM tools can also help businesses reduce the risk of environmental violations.

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