What is the verification scope of Higg FEM? How to apply for verification?

Issuing time:2024-03-19 15:22

With the increasing demand from consumers for more sustainable products and regulatory pressure, environmental compliance has become important not only for ethical reasons, but also for long-term business feasibility. Higg FEM 4.0, as a tool for measuring facility environmental performance, simplifies the evaluation process by revising applicability issues and approaches to meet different facility types. Due to the increased complexity, completing the initial FEM 4.0 self-assessment and validation may require more time investment.


Verification scope

1. The validation should cover all Higg FEM sections and applicable issues.

2. The quantitative environmental data for the entire calendar year (January 1st to December 31st) of the Higg FEM reporting year should be within the range. For example, for FEM 2023, the data reporting range is from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023.

3. If the facility is not operational throughout the entire calendar year, additional explanations (in self-assessment) or validator feedback should be provided to describe any discrepancies in the data. For example, if a facility moves to a new location during the reporting year and only accumulates 7 months of resource consumption data at the new location, the facility can still complete Higg FEM self-assessment and validation.

4. Verification should cover the entire facility site, including all owned and operated on-site processes, equipment, and areas as described in the on-site observation section.

5. If the process or equipment in the facility starts operating in the validation year (the year of validation), it is not applicable to the Higg FEM reporting year and should not be included in the applicability selection. For example, if the screen printing process is implemented in 2024, it is not within the scope of FEM 2023 validation.

6. In the above applicable cases, Higg FEM issues related to material handling, storage, disposal, and worker safety of processes/equipment should be within the scope. For example, companies should appropriately store and dispose of any related waste generated by new processes, but there is no amount of waste to report in the FEM reporting year.

Note: For FEM 2023, facility users will complete a complete Higg FEM self-assessment, but only verify the core validation issues of Higg FEM.

Key information completed by FEM

Before starting Higg FEM, please review the following key information and completion rules:

1. FEM must be filled out in English. This is to ensure that all users you share with have access to the data.

2. Before releasing FEM, you must achieve 100% completion.

3. Level: Higg FEM problems are divided into multiple levels.

Level 1: Understanding and comprehension of sources and systems

Level 2: Set baselines, goals, and track improvements

Level 3: Leading Ideal Practice

Only when all Level 1 questions are answered with "yes" or "partially yes" will the Level 2 and Level 3 questions in each section be unlocked to ensure that basic practices (suchas compliance and tracking) are established before proceeding to higher-level operations.

4. RefID: Each question in FEM has a unique identifier called a reference ID or RefID. It is located to the right of each question box and is helpful when requesting support for specific questions in the evaluation.


5. Tooltip: Below some questions, there are short text boxes containing useful information for answering related questions. Click on the View Guide to expand the guide applicable to the corresponding issue. For each question, there is additional guidance that can be accessed through the link in the text box.


How to apply for FEM verification by enterprises

There are four module types for Higg FEM and FSLM in the Wordly platform:

1. The basic module of the factory environment, which is the entry-level module, does not need to be purchased separately if there are no special brand requirements specified;

2. Formal FEM module;

3. FSLM (SLCP) module;

4. FEM and FSLM (SLCP) packaging modules.

The factory can purchase according to actual needs. After purchase, you can select ASCP (VB ID: 149765) from the verifier body menu and contact our team to arrange subsequent on-site verification.

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