ZDHC Verified InCheck - Level 1 to promote chemical management compliance

Issuing time:2024-04-23 13:41

ZDHC is an organization that promotes zero emissions of harmful chemicals in the textile, leather, and footwear industries, aiming to protect the Earth by reducing the chemicalfootprint of the industry. In today's world, sustainable fashion is the trend, and many brands and suppliers have joined the ZDHC zero emission route plan.


What is ZDHC Verified In Check - Level 1

ZDHC Verified InCheck Level 1 is a validation system developed by the Zero Emissions of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) program. It provides a comprehensive assessment of chemical management practices in the textile, clothing, and footwear industries. This tool allows companies to evaluate their chemical management systems to ensure compliance with global industry standards and environmental regulations.

ZDHC Verified InCheck - Level 1 Mark

On the ZDHC Gateway“ ✔” The mark indicates that the supplier has passed ZDHC Verified InCheck –Level 1, which means that most of the chemical inventory information uploaded by the supplier for creating Performance InCheck reports is complete and accurate.


The verification process of ZDHC InCheck

1. Suppliers generate Performance InCheck reports for three consecutive months/quarters.

2. ASCP contacts the supplier and schedules an on-site audit.

3. ASCP conducts on-site audits of suppliers.

4. ASCP has completed the review and prepared the verification documents for ZDHC Verified InCheck - Level 1.

5. After the audit is completed, ASCP will send the verification file for ZDHC Verified InCheck Level 1 to the supplier.

6. The supplier logs into the ZDHC Gateway account and confirms the use of the ZDHC Verified InCheck Level 1 verification mark.

The advantages of ZDHC InCheck verification

Environmental Responsibility: Show your commitment to reducing the environmental impact of chemicals in the textile and clothing industry.

Compliance assurance: Ensure that your chemical management practices comply with global industry standards and regulations.

Supply Chain Optimization: Track the progress of your supply chain in achieving MRSL compliant chemical inventory.

Continuous improvement: Use InCheck solution to continuously improve MRSL compliance of chemical inventory.

Consumer confidence: Building trust among consumers who are increasingly aware of environmentally friendly products and manufacturing processes.

Data driven decision-making: Utilize the comprehensive data provided on the ZDHC Gateway platform to make informed decisions about your chemical management strategy.

Why choose ASCP's ZDHC InCheck verification?

Our team understands the crucial importance of sustainable practices in today's world and enables businesses to make responsible choices by providing ZDHC Verified InCheck – Level 1. As a long-term partner of ZDHC, our experienced team of experts will guide you through the verification process, ensuring a smooth and efficient verification experience, and helping you seamlessly achieve and maintain ZDHC compliance.

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