SLCP validation to evaluate responsible business practices in global supply chains

Issuing time:2024-05-10 11:12

The Social & Labor Convergence Program (SLCP) provides an Integration Assessment Framework (CAF) to collect accurate data on working conditions in global supply chains.


SLCP focuses on promoting coordination and convergence of evaluation frameworks, as well as data sharing among organizations involved in reviewing and monitoring labor practices. This plan aims to address the complex challenges of social responsibility and labor standards in a more effective and collaborative manner. The editor has compiled several answers to questions about SLCP for everyone. Let's take a look together.


What are the reasons why the file was rejected when the factory applied for a Gateway account?

Common reasons include the following:

1. The factory did not fill out the file in English;

2. The factory did not use the company's email address;

3. The factory name was filled in incorrectly, for example, written as an individual's name.

The general rules for factory names are:

a. The name is consistent with the name on the business license.

b. If there are multiple factories under a manufacturing group, please use the group name first, and then use the factory name, for example: - Group Name Company - FactoryName Factory - Unit Number.

4. The factory already has records on the Gateway;

5. The factory is not located in the operating area of SLCP.

How many steps does SLCP have?

SLCP has three steps: Essential, Progressive, and Advanced. Step 1 is the default, but thefactory can choose Step 2 and Step 3 (Above&Beyond) that contain more information as needed.

When selecting a Step, factories should consider the following points:

Buyer requirement: Most (larger) brands and standards require Step 2, as it covers issues in social industry standards or brand code of conduct. View this list[ https://slconvergence.org/slcp-data-acceptance ]To understand the requirements of your brand partners.

Management System: If you have written policies and procedures to manage your factory operations (and social responsibility), please select Step 2 to showcase your management system.

Scale: If your factory is relatively small, then Step 1 may be most suitable for you.

Target level: If you have a high target level for social performance (such as worker welfare and community projects), please choose Step 3.

What fees do factories need to pay for SLCP verification?

Payment is required for the use of data collection tools on the Certified Host (AH) platform (such as the cost of purchasing FLSM modules on Worldly), verification fees paid to the verification company, and a platform fee of $300 paid to SLCP (which is currently collected by the verification agency).

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