Better Cotton, Driving the Cotton Industry towards Sustainable Development

Issuing time:2024-05-20 08:30

Better Cotton is the world's largest sustainable cotton development project and a non-profit organization. Its goal is to help the cotton population survive and prosper, while protecting and restoring the environment, and achieving gradual and measurable changes at the farmland level to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


01 Better Cotton Chain of Custody Standards

The Better Cotton Chain of Custody standard is a key framework that connects the supply of better cotton (cotton produced according to better better cotton production standards and principles) and demand. This standard establishes auditable requirements for enterprises in the supply chain, including those who purchase or sell physical better cotton or as better cotton inventory balance orders.

As long as manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, and brands comply with the requirements of the Better Cotton Chain of Custody standard and the Better Cotton Declaration principle, they can declare the use of physical better cotton in their products or support their field projects through the procurement method of inventory balance orders.

02 Scope of application

The Better Cotton Chain of Custody Standard applies to all supply chain enterprises around the world, whether you are buying and selling physical better cotton or purchasing through a balanced inventory order, you need to comply with this standard. These enterprises include (but are not limited to) seed cotton traders, seed cotton trading markets, ginning factories, cotton merchants, spinning factories, factories or suppliers without spinning business (including fabric factories, dyeing factories, yarn and fabric traders, vertical integrated chemical factories), finished product manufacturers, finished product procurement intermediaries, retailers and brand merchants.

If you have subcontracted (outsourced) activities, they should also be included in the certification scope when applicable.

The Better Cotton Chain of Custody standard applies to raw cotton produced according to the principles and standards of good cotton, or to cotton containing products purchased as a balance order based on comparison standards equivalent to Better Cotton.

At present, by-products and any form of reusable waste generated during the production process (such as carding waste cotton) cannot be sold under the name of physical good cotton.

03 Which companies need to fill out the registration form to apply for joining the regulatory chain standard

1. All business premises with better cotton product ownership and transfer of ownership with other enterprises.

2. Each business location (such as different subsidiaries under the same group or different processing plants) needs to fill out a registration form, so that each location has its own corresponding BCP account.

04 The main process of on-site evaluation

1. Start the meeting to introduce the assessment process.

2. Conduct interviews with relevant personnel.

3. BCP transaction spot checks and corresponding document review.

4. Production site inspection.

5. Conclusion of meeting discussion and assessment findings.

6. Assess subcontractors as needed.

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