What are the characteristics of SLCP data collection? What are the verification methods?

Issuing time:2024-05-28 08:39

SLCP is a multi-stakeholder initiative aimed at reducing audit fatigue and improving working conditions.


The characteristics of SLCP data collection

Data collection tools only collect objective data. That is to say, the answer to the question reflects the actual working conditions of your factory.

SLCP only verifies compliance with national labor laws and international labor standards.

This makes SLCP compatible with all compliance and certification projects. Users can use this data to draw their own conclusions and take any applicable corrective actions, remedial measures, or capacity building.

The process of self/joint evaluation

Why does the SLCP process start with self/joint evaluation?

1. Enhance the factory's ownership of SLCP processes and data;

2. Enable you to have a better understanding of the working conditions in the factory in order to communicate better with business partners;

3. Lay the foundation for improving the plan.

When conducting self/joint assessments, you need to:


1. Decide whether to conduct self-assessment or joint assessment;

2. Select the steps you want to take;

3. Collect personnel and information from different departments.


1. Choose an AH (accredited hosting platform) platform to fill out the data collection tool;

2. Complete all questions and submit them online;

3. Ensure validation is completed within two months after submitting factory data online.

Verification method

On site verification

100% on-site verification.

Virtual+on-site verification

Virtual activities must be conducted before on-site verification.

Examples of virtual activities include opening meetings, document reviews, and management interviews.

It can reduce the time spent on site, but it may increase the overall verification time.

Full Virtual Validation (FVV)

100% off site verification is only allowed in very special circumstances.

Complete the SLCP FVV online training course.

Require worker participation in technology (WE Tech).

What preparations should be made before factory validation

Detailed review and verification plan

This includes on-site days, expected cooperation items, and a list of document requirements.

Prepare the same internal team to assist in conducting self/joint assessments to supportvalidation

For example, CSR, human resources, finance, and production managers in factories

Prepare the documents involved in self/joint assessment for the verifier to review

Example of file list in the verification plan (attachment)

Open access permissions for verifiers on site

Including all necessary documents and personnel

Leave enough time for a productive closing meeting

Understand "inaccuracies" and "non compliances", clarify problem level issues, and ensure that validators include specific information in their reports

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