ZDHC InCheck solution promotes sustainable chemical management

Issuing time:2024-05-31 08:45

The ZDHC InCheck solution provides an overview of ZDHC MRSL compliance levels for chemicals in supplier chemical inventory, which is very easy to understand. By checking the chemicals in the inventory and registering them in the ZDHC Gateway - Chemicals module, suppliers can gain a deeper understanding of their overall performance and identify areas for improvement.


To help suppliers achieve safer chemical management, the InCheck solution is divided into two parts: (A) Performance InCheck report and (B) Verified InCheck report.

Performance InCheck report

The self-assessment of the chemical inventory aims to enable suppliers to understand the status of their sustainable chemical management. Please note that the uploaded inventory details have not been verified or verified by a third party. The Performance InCheck report should primarily be used as a tool for suppliers to internally monitor the ZDHC MRSL compliance level of chemicals in their inventory and motivate suppliers to make improvements.


Verified InCheck report

Third party verifiers approved by ZDHC conduct on-site spot checks to establish trust in self-assessment completed through Performance InCheck. This verified inventory was uploaded by the verification agency to the ZDHC Gateway. Therefore, suppliers can communicate transparent and reliable input end chemical inventory management that complies with ZDHC MRSL through Verified InCheck reports.


Verified InCheck - Level 1 Verification Process

1. Suppliers generate performance InCheck reports for three consecutive months/quarters before validation begins.

2. Supplier contacts and designates ASCP for on-site verification.

3. ASCP validators conduct on-site visits to suppliers and verify according to the corresponding procedures.

4. The verifier completes the verification process and prepares the verification result file for Verified InCheck - Level 1.

5. The supplier logs into the ZDHC gateway account and confirms that the verification using Verified InCheck - Level 1 has passed the mark.

The ZDHC InCheck solution helps suppliers improve transparency, strive to improve chemical inventory management, and move towards the goal of sustainable chemical management. In other words, through the ZDHC InCheck solution, suppliers can demonstrate that the chemicals they purchase and use can minimize risks to human health, improve worker safety, and limit their impact on the environment.

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