SLCP WE Tech, Increase employee engagement and reduce audit fatigue

Issuing time:2024-06-04 09:00

Employee Engagement Technology (WE Tech) provides a digital platform for employeesto communicate directly and anonymously.

It provides clearer insights from the perspective of employee experience, optimizes verification of sensitive information (such as discrimination), increases employee engagement, and helps achieve SLCP's goal of reducing audit fatigue and improving social and labor conditions.


How WE Tech Runs

WE Tech conducts employee surveys through automated pre recorded phone calls (such as interactive voice responses) or online surveys.

WE problem set

1. Includes 20 multiple-choice questions related to factory working conditions (such as employee satisfaction, discrimination, harassment, forced labor, health and safety, appeal mechanisms, wages and benefits).

2. Intended to supplement rather than duplicate issues in CAF tools.

3. It can be done on-site at the factory or in the personal space of employees (e.g. through mobile phones).

This makes the "WE problem set" an effective tool for cross referencing with other files to ensure a more accurate display of the factory's working conditions.

Overview of WE Tech Process

Comprehensive virtual verification must use WE Tech; We strongly recommend that all other verification methods also use WE Tech.

Select service provider

The factory must select a service provider approved by SLCP and collaborate with it to complete the Employee Participation (WE) problem set. The approved service providers currently include:&Wider, Labor Solutions,Timeline Consultancy,Ulula。

Carry out WE Tech

WE Tech surveys must be conducted before completing self/joint assessments and commencing validation. The factory must use existing employee committees or employee/union representatives to complete WE Tech surveys.

Review summary report

Based on the summary of anonymous worker questionnaire responses, a WE Tech summary report will be generated; The report will be provided by the service provider to the factory for review.

The factory will use the information provided in the WE Tech summary report for self/joint evaluation; When formulating improvement plans, it is important to keep in mind the feedback from employees (depending on the situation and the survey results).

What must the factory do for the WE Tech summary report

1. While completing the SLCP self-assessment/joint assessment, analyze and summarize the report data to identify areas that require further investigation.

2. Provide relevant evidence to demonstrate how the factory uses summary report data in self/joint evaluations.

3. Write improvement plans using summary report data (if applicable).

4. Upload the WE Tech summary report (and improvement plan) as an attachment to FP-BAS-27.

Note: After the WE Tech summary report (and improvement plan) is uploaded (by the factory or validator), anyone who shares their SLCP validation evaluation report with the factory can also view their WE Tech results (and improvement plan).

Issues related to WE Tech in the tool

The factory can demonstrate their use of WE Tech by answering a few questions in the "Factory Introduction" section of the tool.

Problem: FP-BAS-27

"Have employee representatives and/or employees participated in the self/joint evaluation process?" Question: FP-BAS-27.1

If yes, which SLCP approved service provider was used“

Problem: FP-BAS-27.2

"If yes, please enter the unique ID of the project related to this evaluation that was jointly completed with the service provider approved by SLCP."

*The factory will obtain this unique ID from a service provider approved by SLCP.

Problem: FP-BAS-27.3

"If yes, please describe how employee representatives and/or employees participated in the self/joint evaluation process."

The benefits of using WE Tech

1. Establishing an employee participation committee helps to increase trust between employees and management, and helps establish the ability for human rights due diligence.

2. Enable factory management to better understand important workplace issues that cannot be detected through traditional on-site interviews.

3. When employees feel their voices are heard and their concerns are resolved, their productivity and enthusiasm will increase, thereby improving the effectiveness and efficiency of factory operations.

4. Show the factory's innovative and responsive ability to address employee needs.

5. The customer prefers to use WE Tech to strengthen the relationship between the factory and the customer.

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