What is the verification process for SLCP? What is the difference between audit and verification?

Issuing time:2024-06-13 08:45

SLCP is a multi-stakeholder initiative aimed at reducing audit fatigue and improving working conditions. By conducting SLCP verification, the accuracy of factory evaluation data can be ensured; If necessary, including other information and violation markings; And lay a solid foundation for the improvement plan.


The verification process of SLCP

1. Determine the verification company and verification date;

2. Select verification company+request verification;

3. Participate in virtual verification (not mandatory);

4. Allow relevant personnel (such as HR, workers) to reserve time and provide support during on-site verification;

5. Discuss the verification results with the verifier within 48 hours after the end of the meeting and the submission of the report;

6. Review and approve, or file an appeal against the verified evaluation report.

Review validated evaluations

The verified evaluation report can be reviewed within 10 working days after on-site verification. Firstly, review the validation summary, which includes all "inaccurate" and "regulatory violations" items for each section of the tool. It contains useful information, such as:

Accuracy index: Compare the number of correct answers from the factory with the total number of answers provided. Note: This is not a rating.

Legal compliance: At the issue level, demonstrate the requirements of International Labour Standards (ILS) and National Labour Laws (NLL).

Attention: Do not stop after viewing the validation summary! The factory must conduct a comprehensive review of the report to ensure that it includes all relevant and important data, especially the data requested by the end user.

Approved validated evaluation

Before approving on a recognized hosting platform, please make sure to thoroughly review the validated evaluation report.

Note: Once the validated evaluation report is approved, no editing or modification can be made.

The review period of 14 calendar days has been cancelled

In order to ensure that the factory comprehensively reviews the report and has sufficient time to request any editing, the 14 day review period has been cancelled.

Now, the validated evaluation report will only be finalized when the factory clicks the "Complete Verified Evaluation" button on the approved hosting platform.

Share validated data

There are three ways to share data

Share directly from the Gateway: Send a link and end users will receive validated evaluation reports in both PDF and Excel versions

Send validated evaluation reports and data to end users through recognized hosting platforms.

Through the brand hosting platform: send verified evaluation reports directly to your brand's customer system.

The difference between audit and verification

Social responsibility audit

Auditors inspect to evaluate the working conditions of the factory;

Determine whether to pass or not based on social and labor compliance themes;

The factory passively accepts the audit process;

The brand has reports and corrective and preventive measures.

SLCP verification

Verify the factory's assessment of social and labor conditions;

Data collection will not lead to "good" or "bad" conclusions;

The factory actively participates in the verification process;

The factory has validated evaluation reports, such as the licenses required for data sharing.

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