How does the factory prepare for SLCP assessment?

Issuing time:2024-06-18 08:31

The SLCP CAF v1.6 was released in March, and after the release of the new CAF version, factories have six months to complete the evaluation that started with the previous version. Therefore, the factory must complete any ongoing CAF v1.5 evaluation before September 30, 2024. So, what preparations should the factory make before starting the evaluation?


1、Step selection

Before starting the evaluation, the factory should choose the step that suits itself.

When choosing which step to complete, consider the following factors:

Buyer Relationship: Understanding the buyer's needs. Many buyers require at least step 2 or more. The questions included in step 2 or above can often be found in industry standards or codes of conduct. The SLCP website provides a list of steps required by brands and retailers to accept SLCP.

Legal compliance: Step 1: Evaluate the compliance status of the factory based on international labor standards and domestic labor laws.

Factory size: If the factory is small (such as less than 500 workers) and there are not many buyers, step 1 may be the most suitable choice.

Target level: If the factory wants to cover all information in terms of social performance (such as worker welfare and community projects), choose step 3.

2、Prepare required personnel and documents

The evaluation is based on data from the past 12 months.

Personnel: The tool requires the participation of multiple departments and personnel, such as factory managers, corporate social responsibility managers, human resources managers, finance managers, production managers, etc.

Documents: The filling tool requires the factory to collect and view various documents. Including business license, production record, building permit, etc. The complete list of files can be found in the verification protocol.

Note: If it is a new factory, at least three months of relevant data need to be filled in thetool, and not all documents are applicable to your factory operation.

3 Understanding Files

Accurately completing self/joint assessments requires the use of various documents. The factory must know and understand the content of these documents in order to use and upload them in the evaluation.

For example, if a regulation involves multiple social and labor issues, the same regulation can be cited on these management system issues.


4、Using the data from the previous evaluation on the Worldly platform

Using the data from the previous evaluation can save time. This feature is applicable to issues that overlap with your previous evaluation.

Before starting the evaluation, the system will prompt you whether you want to directly copy the data from the previous evaluation.


You must thoroughly review all previous data to ensure that it still reflects the current situation in your factory.

5、Filling tools

When filling out the self-assessment, "More Information" provides valuable explanatory information that you canrefer to if you have any questions.

1. Tools submitted on recognized hosting platforms must be 100% complete.

2. Questions must be answered in English.

3. Based on factory experience, it takes several days to two weeks to fill out the tools.

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