What is the on-site audit process for implementing ASI aluminum performance standard certification?

Issuing time:2024-06-19 15:32

The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) is a non-profit organization engaged in independent third-party certification project management for the aluminum value chain.


The goal of ASI is to:

Develop applicable sustainability performance standards and material regulatory chain standards for the aluminum value chain.

Through the production, use, and recycling process of aluminum, it drives continuous improvement in important environmental, social, and governance aspects.

Develop a reliable assurance and certification system to reduce the risk of non-compliance with ASI standards and minimize obstacles to the widespread implementation of ASI standards.

Become an organization with global value and promote sustainable solutions for the aluminum value chain, which considers the interests of multiple stakeholders while maintaining its own economic operation.

For ASI certification, independent third-party audits are conducted by ASI accredited auditing agencies.

The purpose is to verify whether a member's policies, systems, steps, and processes comply with the requirements of applicable ASI standards.

The process conducted by auditors is to collect objective evidence of representative choices from members regarding the scope of certification.

Before issuing the ASI certification, an audit and subsequent audit report are required. Regular audits are required to maintain the validity of certification.


The three main stages of audit

01. Pre audit plan

1. Preliminary communication and exchange with members

2. Business arrangements and confidentiality matters

3. Collect and audit information

4. Define audit scope

5. Determine the audit team

6. Estimated audit time requirement

7. Develop audit plan

8. Auditors and member units determine final details

02. Implementation Audit

1. Audit kickoff meeting

2. Obtain objective evidence, including on-site evidence as required

3. Evaluation results

4. Record non conformities

5. Provide business improvement suggestions

6. Decide on the time for follow-up audit

7. End or leave the meeting

03. Follow up and reporting after audit

1. Approve corrective action plans for major non conformities

2. ASI audit report

3. Summary of audit report

4. Issuing ASI certification and publishing it on the ASI website

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