What are the categories of PSCI members? How to become a PSCI supplier partner?

Issuing time:2024-06-21 08:32

The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI) is a group of pharmaceutical and healthcare companies with a shared vision of achieving excellent safety, environmental, and social outcomes in the communities where we purchase products.


PSCI membership

PSCI membership is open to companies in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, who share a common vision of excellence in safety, environmental, and social outcomes across the global pharmaceutical and healthcare value chain, and meet at least one of the following requirements:

1. Significant revenue from patents/proprietary drugs or medical devices.

2. The direct sales of medical products to consumers under the company's brand have brought considerable revenue.

3. Produce generic drugs (non patented) and medical products, which are sold in large quantities directly to customers under the company's own marketing license.

4. Provide two levels of membership for ingredients or components that are granted substantive patents or trademarks by the supply company, enabling companies at different stages of the sustainable development journey to join at the same level as their positions.

Formal membership

By sharing audits, joining committees and boards, and attending member meetings, thecompany can fully participate in PSCI.

Associate membership

Enable the company to utilize our tools and resources to develop audit plans and learn from peer communities. The quasi membership system aims to become a means of formal membership, moving towards more responsible supply chain practices, and supporting the implementation of PSCI audit programs. Starting from January 2024, prospective members must be promoted to full membership within three years.

PSCI supplier

Becoming a PSCI supplier partner means adhering to PSCI principles and contributing to the community committed to promoting responsible value chain practices.

Supplier partnerships are applicable to companies in the pharmaceutical and healthcareindustries, which share a common vision with PSCI to achieve excellence in safety, environmental, and social outcomes in the global pharmaceutical and healthcare value chain.To qualify for a supplier partnership, your company must meet at least one of the following requirements:

1. Component or component manufacturer.

2. Produce finished drugs or medical products, and then supply them to customers based on their brand names or licenses (CMOs).

3. White label service providers (CDOs, CROs).

Supplier partners must meet the following requirements:

1. Complete the PSCI maturity model at the group level.

2. Share on the PSCI platform the audit report of your own manufacturing/operational facilities for products provided to PSCI members. You must share at least 20% of the total business audit report; And share all immediately available PSCI audit reports.

3. Transparent CAPR (with progress tracking) must be provided for any significant/critical findings.


The PSCI audit framework is the core of achieving PSCI's vision of excellence. The PSCI audit framework, self-assessment questionnaire, and support tools embed the principles of PSCI into the supply chain and have become recognized frameworks throughout the industry. It collaborates with approved auditing companies and internal auditors of PSCI to support the conduct of PSCI audits, which are then shared on digital platforms. Members and suppliers can achieve efficiency through the audit sharing platform, replacing multiple audits withone audit. Every year, PSCI analyzes the results of audits to identify trends, hotspots, and develops complementary resources and projects through capabilities and project workflows, ultimately improving practices and accumulating knowledge

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