The TE-ID registration page has added a "Organization Name in Native Language" field

Issuing time:2024-06-25 09:16

Recently, Textile Exchange updated the TE-ID registration page with a new "Organization Name in Native Language" field. Customers can selectively fill in the name in their business license when applying for TE-ID.


be careful

Necessary information: In the "Organization Full Legal Name" column, only English/Latin is still accepted.


The internal system of Textile Exchange will record both names simultaneously. This update aims to better align with the requirements of ASR-103-V3.1 (which policy requires SC names to be in English), and also to facilitate the management of standard parties.

In addition, the benefit of this update for us is that by filling in both English and Chinese names, it is more convenient to connect Chinese and English names. Some of our clients may have a deep understanding that after translating the English name of their factory directly, it doesn't have much to do with their Chinese name.

Therefore, it is recommended that customers fill in their legal Chinese name in the newly added "Organization Name in Native Language" column.

Once again, it is emphasized that TE-ID is the customer's unique identification code, and special attention should be paid to spelling, punctuation, etc. when filling it out to avoid information asymmetry caused by filling in errors. The editor will give you two recent examples:

In order to distinguish between Shanxi and Shaanxi, Shanxi uses Shanxi in English, while Shaanxi's English is generally written as Shanxi. Note that Shaanxi has two "a".

For a more accurate understanding, Chang'an English generally uses Chang'an, please note that there is a separator in the middle.

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