What are the types of notifications for SLCP verification?

Issuing time:2024-07-03 09:08

SLCP verification can be done through Announced, Semi-Announced, or Unannounced methods, depending on the factory's decision. Today, the editor will take you to briefly understand these types of notifications.



Clearly inform the factory of the accurate on-site verification date, which is fully disclosed.


The verifier will determine a broader time range (usually 10 days or longer) for verification, and will arrive at the site on one or a few days of this time period, but the specific date will not be clearly stated.


The factory does not know when the verifier will come for verification. Without the factory's knowledge, the verifier arrives at the factory for surprise verification.

We understand that in order to ensure that the factory prepares all documents and arranges all personnel when the verifier arrives at the site, it is best to use (semi) notification based verification.

However, due to different requirements from customers cooperating with the factory, it is recommended that the factory contact its business partners in advance to understandwhich notification method they prefer to use to receive SLCP reports in order to meet the customer's requirements.

Regarding the SLCP fusion evaluation framework

In 2018, Cascale updated the Higg Factory Social and Labor Module (FSLM) to include itin the integration assessment framework.

Cascale believes that the textile, clothing, and footwear industries should be integrated and coordinated through the SLCP integration assessment framework to reduce the number of social and labor audits. This can eliminate audit fatigue, enable data comparison, and free up resources for improving plans.

The SLCP problem set has been included in the updated Higg FSLM, and the validation method developed by SLCP is now applicable to Higg FSLM.

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