Social Compliance Audit

Issuing time:2022-09-15 09:39

When Corporate Social Responsibility is becoming the sustainable components and objective of leading brands and retailers, multi-stakeholders and consumers are demanding that the companies be socially responsible and fulfill their responsibility through manufacturing their goods under lawful and ethical workplace condition and demonstrating humane treatment of workers and that of their subcontractors and suppliers.



A social compliance audit, also known as an ethical audit or Code of Conduct audit, entails visiting factories, farms or warehouses to ensure that legal, salary, health & safety, environment standards are being met in relation to the employees. During an audit the audit team will visit the site, interviewing management and workers, reviewing payroll/working hours, employee training records and procedure documentation. An audit report is then issued within usually five working days which includes a list of any issues found and any recommended corrective actions that need to be addressed.

A Code of Conduct (CoC) is a set of standards which govern corporate and business practices according to ethical and legal standards. By implementing a CoC, a company demonstrates its commitment to operate its business at the highest standards of ethics, exceeding legal minimums. Each brand and importer can develop its own CoC standard to which vendors are expected to comply, or they can adopt internationally recognised methods. Standards are usually customised to meet retailers’requirements based on International Labor Organization requirements.

In order to ensure transparency, social compliance audits are usually performed by independent audit company that follow a set of international standards. These standards may vary depending on the location of the facility and the type of audit required.


Consumers increasingly expect brands to demonstrate social responsibility right across the supply chain. By developing a Code of Conduct that all your suppliers must follow, the business achieves multiple benefits:

Ensure all workers throughout the supply chain are treated fairly and ethically.

Become an attractive employer and increase employee retention.

Improve your brand’s reputation, while avoiding negative press.

Develop a competitive edge by demonstrating your ethical credentials to consumers.

Better workplace standards can lead to higher productivity and increased profits.


We performs social compliance, health & safety , environment and surveillance audits on behalf of brands and retailers etc to their suppliers and manufactures in an independent, objective and professional manner and deliver our services through impartiality, integrity, and confidentiality and due diligence.

We has a team of specialised social compliance auditors who visit many sites every day, as part of our programs for major brands, retailers and fast-food companies.

We conduct audits based on local laws and regulations combined with the Code of Conduct of clients. Our auditing process normally includes Opening Meeting, Management Interview, Document Review, Factory site tour(Health & Safety, environment), Workers Interview (on-site or/and off-site) , Visual Inspection and Closing Meeting.

Our social compliance audit covers below areas:

Child Labor & Juvenile Workers;

Force Labor; Working Hours;

Compensation & Benefits;


Harassment and Abuse;

Freedom of Association / Collective Bargaining;

Health and Safety;

Environmental Compliance.

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